success What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMWhat You Don’t Know Is Costing You Millions: Here’s The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLM

Probably one of the most incredible speakers at the No Excuses Summit was Joey Klein. He’s not an expert in any of the normal fields of Network Marketing, yet his topic is what prevents 99% of network marketers from becoming successful.

We are what stands in the way of our own success.

We are the main roadblock to contacting people. We are the one that creates procrastination.

Would you like to learn how to get yourself out of the way, so you can make a million dollars this year?

Well then you need to read this story.

rejoice What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMTen years ago Joey Klein was out of control. A kid from wealthy parents living in a very affluent neighborhood. When he went off to college, he started hanging with the wrong crowd, the druggies. For 2 years he never came down from his high. Drugs were his constant companions.

Finally something snapped.

He found his girlfriend sleeping with his best friend. The drugs weren’t killing the pain any more. He was in a major depression and ready to take his own life. He had gone as low a person could go. He knew no one could help him but himself.

Dropping out of college, Joey went back home and locked himself in the basement for a month. He had to overcome his addiction or die. “What is wrong with me”, he would ask himself and “how can I make myself better.” He realized he could only go so far in this journey alone, he needed help.

He sought out the greatest minds and the greatest leaders in the fields of meditation, mind purification, and life-improvement systems; from the far corners of the earth he traveled. In the process he studied with a Kabalistic teacher, an Indian Guru, and a Martial Arts Master as his personal teachers. He not only took control of his own mind, emotion, spirit, and body but he learned how to help others gain control of their lives.

Now he is the founder and head coach for the Institute of Transformational Studies. Psychiatrists send their toughest patients to him, the ones they can’t help.

Ultimately, Mr. Klein’s goal is to affect the world on a grand scale, teaching his simple life-mastery techniques to as many people as possible. Joey serves multi-million dollar actors in Hollywood as well as business tycoons, due to his keen ability to navigate the mind.

zen What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMJoey teaches us that before we can have a relationship with the outside world, we are constantly in a ‘battle’ with our own patterns that exist in our “personality selves”. He explains how our personality selves are made up of our Mental Body, our Emotional Body, and our Physical Body. And if we hope to make great changes in our lives, we need to step out of these patterns and get in touch with our Spiritual Body, so new answers can arise from more positive places.

Our emotional bodies are the engines that drive what and why we do things. We make decisions based on our emotions. So his teachings help a person to get in touch with their predominant emotions (especially the negative ones), and to then transform them so we stop reacting to them; rather, we convert them into ones that serve us.

With the great power he wields, it is amazing, his ego is very small, and it’s only used to make sure people get what he is saying so their lives transform for the better as fast as possible. He is kind- hearted, warm, simple, and does not boast of his achievements. The stories he shares are applicable to one and all, no matter the age, and they are shared without egoist attachment

He teaches that each human being is a well of potential; we just need to learn the skills to reach our full potential. He can teach anyone the skills they require.

What kind of life do you want to be living 5 years from now? Joey will help you understand that creation starts with vision; a vision so deep and clear that within that vision, you have already attained your goal and are enjoying the fruits of your labor. Therefore goals without vision are not as powerful and could explain why you have not attained the goals you have set to this point.

Without vision we cannot lead ourselves and we will not be the person we are trying to become.

An important point in this training is that the unseen world is much more powerful than the seen world. The unseen world is what influences and impacts our lives. 90% of communication is nonverbal, it’s happening at an energetic level; mentally, emotionally, physically.

vision What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMFor most people we are constantly affected by our environment at an unseen level. We become a product of our environment. Learn instead to make the environment a product of the new you. To do this we need to connect with our center, connect with that spiritual/intuitive side of ourselves.

When we are centered, negativity has no effect or influence on us. We control our environment; we control the forces around us, and most importantly, we control our reactions to any person, place or thing that tries to influence us. When we can do this, we control the outcome, we control how people react, and we control our own success. We no longer have to chase success, but we allow it to flow to us. This is the hardest thing for people to accept. We have been taught we must fight and struggle for success, instead make the vessel ready and allow the success to flow into it. Become the person that coincides with the vision and everything will arrive.

It seems simple and that’s part of the problem. We want to make it too difficult.

All our roadblocks exist inside. Mind. Emotions. Physical Body.

roadblock What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMIn business we have positive and negative thoughts. These thoughts affect emotion. When we have negative emotions such as fear we go into fight or flight. If you’re fleeing from your successful business, that’s a problem.

When we dial all of these aspects in an appropriate way, success is imminent, but to do that we have to step outside of all of this. We have to be aware of what is happening, step outside of it, and then make changes within it. You cannot solve a problem from the same level the problem was created.

If you want to consciously develop yourself you have to be able and willing to let go of who you are now. You have to be willing to let go of how you see yourself today so you can become the person you want to be tomorrow.

The mind is broken up into 3 levels; Conscious (10%), Subconscious and Unconscious. Most people function only at the conscious level. You need to learn to function from that subconscious and unconscious self.

Fear is energy, emotion is energy. If you can focus that energy amazing things will start to happen.

Your family and friends may try to stop you. There will be times when you must ask them all to step aside so you can achieve what you want.

aware What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMThere is no amount of houses, money, vacations, or cars that we can acquire that is going to create fulfillment in our life. If you are not serving people in some positive way you are not going to be fulfilled, and if your business isn’t fulfilling what is it worth? If you’re not vibrantly excited about life, what is any of it worth? Do the work of dialing yourself in so that every moment of your life becomes an amazing experience, and when you acquire that, things will begin to fall in line with the new person you’ve become.

There are 5 steps to this.

  1. Awareness – This is the hardest step. You have to be aware of what you’re doing and what you have to change.
  2. Choice – You have to choose to do it. Many people change things frequently. They jump from business to business, choose something else. This is okay.
  3. Decision – Sooner or later you’ll choose one thing and do it.
  4. Focus – Put your energy there.
  5. Realization – The things you’ve worked on come about.

To become aware of your mind and emotions, do this simple exercise.

Place two fingers just below your belly button and breath into that place. Pause. Exhale. Pause. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause. Then just take a moment and be aware of your mind. Don’t try to change anything, just accept what is there. Then just tell your mind, body, and emotions to move aside, and get in touch with that spiritual/intuitive self. It will begin to change your life.

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