backlinkchain What Really Matters About Blog Backlinking?What Really Matters About Blog Backlinking?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is like a black box to most marketers. As we discussed in the last blog, it took two rocket scientists from MIT to create the SEO Mastermind software that really teaches the ins and outs of SEO. However the basics of SEO are very simplistic. You have the on page factors discussed in the last blog and today we’ll discuss the second major determination for your SEO ranking; links. You can have the greatest keywords, freshest content, internal linking, complete Meta description tags and everything else for your site but if there are no outside links you can only rank so high on the search engines. Essentially Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos have split their company in half. They handle the on page items and have turned over the linking side to Joe O’Day and Ramiro Ceballos, Ferney’s brother. By the way, Ferney wouldn’t interview his brother, he made Ray do it.

Fresh out of college, Ramiro Ceballos was very excited to join the rat race. He was working 50 – 60 hour weeks without a weekend off, and began to think there was something wrong with this picture. When his brother Ferny mentioned there was a spot open at their company he applied. Ray put him through three grueling interviews before he would hire him. As soon as he was hired he was given a million dollar account and told “Don’t screw this up.” A year later, Ray and Ferny now go to him with questions about linking.

So what is linking? Linking is like a vote. It’s a back link to your website from other sites.

backlinks 300x166 What Really Matters About Blog Backlinking?

What really matters about linking?

1. Trust and authority in the host domain: The more links you have from trusted sites, the more trustworthy your site becomes and the higher up you’ll be ranked.
2. Link popularity: The more links you have to all of the subpages on your site the higher your rankings are.
3. Anchor text of your external links: Links to your content.

Linking covers 66% of your efforts. It may provide some traffic, but the more links you have the higher you’ll be ranked which will bring you more traffic.

You can’t get links if you have a garbage website, you need quality content to get quality links and to make money from your site you must have “Site Engagement”. This essentially is good copywriting. People need a reason to go to your site and stay on your site. Good site engagement will bring a higher click through ratio therefore more links you don’t have to work for.

There are three pillars of linking, all of which are important.

1. Quality – Some links are better than others. It used to be you could look at page rank to determine if it was a good place to have a link from, but it’s not really a reliable indicator anymore. Instead, look at the number of links these sites have. If they have a lot of links they’re probably a good site. But they might be all bad links. You’ll know it when you see it. If the links have horrible grammar and look terrible then you know they’re not good links.

2. Quantity – Obviously the more links you get the better.

3. Diversity – You can have ten links from one site or one link from ten sites. Having ten links from one site Google sees as basically one link.

Now you’re probably thinking, this sounds easy, but here’s where most people run into a problem. They go to put up links and get one on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and any other sites they might have. You get to 5 or six links and wonder “Where do I go from here?”

tribepro 180x300 What Really Matters About Blog Backlinking?Here are a few ideas:

  • Guest blog posting – Find someone with a website and you can do guest blogs on each other’s sites.
  • – This is a site that you can enter blogging contests. They rank the blogs and link to all of the sites.
  • Use sites like to bring thousands of links to your blog.
  • Articles – You can link out to several sites in the same article.
  • Press Release sites – Write a good article. It doesn’t have to be super copy just make sure all the words are spelled correctly. Save the really well done articles for your own site.
  • Social Media – Google is putting a lot of emphasis on social ranking. They see how powerful social media is and are beginning to factor in your social circle to your search engine findings.
  • Video – Make your video links point back to your site. You need your link in your description to do this. Use sites like YouTube and

Getting links can be hard, but the skill isn’t difficult to learn, it just takes time. Take the time to do the work and it will pay off.

Since these areas are critical to your sites existence and will determine if you make any money from your site. I would highly recommend going to Ray and Ferny’s homepage at for your on page support and to for help with your links. I make no money from these recommendations but wouldn’t mind if you let them know who sent you.

Next time we’ll find out how you can build your business and make lifelong partnerships while staying at home in your bathrobe. Jackie Ulmer is a long time marketer and an expert on Social Media Marketing.