locked wallet How To Turn 4 MLM Product Sales Into 75 By Overcoming Buyer ResistanceHow To Turn 4 MLM Product Sales Into 75 By Overcoming Buyer Resistance

4 Years ago Mark Hoverson qualified for food stamps. He was fighting to prevent foreclosure and had no money. Church people were bringing him and his family groceries. 24 months later he had earned a million dollars.

When you speak do you want people to clap and give you a high five —- Or clap and give you $5000?

This is direct response.

Think about this for a moment: People cannot buy your product, it is impossible. They can only purchase your marketing, because until the transaction is completed, they do not have the product.

Mark demonstrated the difference in marketing within a lesson to one of his students. He told her, “you market your product the way you were planning” She marketed the product to half of her list, the way most of us would, She sent out an email with a link; four sales. Mark took the other half and held a webinar; seventy-five sales. So what was the difference? Buyer resistance.

To sell someone anything, we must get past Buyer’s Resistance. We hold onto our money with a passion. What’s the first thing people say when trying to sell them. “No, I’m not going to buy anything” or “I’m just looking”. We don’t want to part with that money. The secret to overcoming buyer’s resistance is to provide so much value that our prospect will be willing to hand over their precious cash. This is the key. See in your mind a scale, on the one side is the customer’s money. We must fill the other side with so much value that the scale swings to our side before the potential customer will buy our product.

moneyfist How To Turn 4 MLM Product Sales Into 75 By Overcoming Buyer ResistanceOn a webinar buyer’s resistance is minimized. They get to sit behind a safe computer screen that they can turn off at any time without anyone pestering them.

Even without buyer’s resistance they still need a reason to buy. Be the devil’s advocate. On the webinar Mark became the customer, he used all the excuses the buyer would use and he pulled this off wonderfully. The product was about Facebook pages. Instead of saying how wonderful it was he said something more like this. “There’s a million different places that will tell you how to set up and run a Facebook page. My seven-year-old could probably have one running in about ten minutes. So what is there that we should know, that we aren’t being told?” He then let the girl explain, waiting for that one moment where she gave some great information, and then as she drew a breath to go deeper into it he
cut her off.

You educate someone to the point where they actually think “This person knows what they’re doing.” And then cut off and charge for the rest, and people will pay. This is called salting. You’re actually changing the psychological flow of people’s minds, making them feel they MUST have this product.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Here’s the thing, you aren’t going to use direct response if you have ethical issues with getting rich. Your integrity will sabotage you. You are not going to receive money for a product you think is inferior. Most people in this world are incapable of scamming someone. They just can’t do it. They will sabotage themselves every single time.

You can sell wisdom and people will voluntarily pay you money.

It’s your integrity compass that will hold you back. If you believe your product is dicey and overpriced, it’s not going to sell. You need to know that the buyer is getting the good end of the deal. Then if you don’t get the buyer you feel guilty that they aren’t getting what they need.

Give your prospects the very best you have, even before they buy, and reciprocity will kick in. They’re minds will make them want to give something back, and most commonly that something is money.

Direct response has a lot to do with marketing, but you’ve got to have a great product too. Mark sells 21 quotes from King Solomon for $500. I know what you’re saying, “why would I ever pay someone $500 for something I can read from my own Bible for free?” What is the difference between what he sells and the same 21 quotes from the bible? Would you like to know?

Written with each saying is a proven strategy of how to make that saying work for you. People buy proven strategies, not information.

Let’s go through one of these.

If you see a man who’s excellent in his work he will serve with kings, not the obscure people.

Serve with kings:

popularity How To Turn 4 MLM Product Sales Into 75 By Overcoming Buyer ResistanceFirst you have to identify who the KINGS in your area truly are, and to do that you need to know EXACTLY what your work is.

People seem to think it’s not what you know it’s who you know, but that’s not true. It’s who knows you. You can know a bunch of people and they don’t know you back. So how do you get them to know you?

Identify the kings then work backwards.

Ask: Who in my immediate circle can get me to where I can meet these people. Within 6 degrees of separation there’s a connector who can connect you to one of these kings. You just have to get their attention, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to make them money. If you know something and they need that, offer to do that thing for them, it will get their attention. Or go out and make sales, which will make them money.

IMPRESS the person who knows you who can get you to the next level. Find out what gets the Kings excited, what motivates them.

If you’re trapped in your pride and ego, you can’t get out. You have to implant yourself into someone else’s mind and make them think I NEED that person in my life. Serve them and they will promote you. As each successive person promotes you, you will climb the ranks until you serve the kings, and then they will help you become a king yourself.

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