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Let’s imagine the worst possible personal scenario:

1) Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis,
2) Found your spouse cheating with your best friend,
3) Lost your business and went completely broke,
4) Lost everything and had to start sleeping on your brother-in-laws couch.

Sound like a plot in a movie. This really happened to Susan Sly and in less than 4 months. But she refused to be the victim. 3 ½ years later she had built a multimillion dollar business. If you’re going to be a victim you can’t win the game.

Life’s too short to carry around animosity. If you lost everything you had tomorrow, who would you be? Would you even know? So many of us define ourselves by our jobs, our businesses, and/or our families. Stop defining yourself externally and learn to see the greatness in yourself. Forget about an ordinary life, your life can be extraordinary.
Leaders attract leaders. Trying to be perfect is exhausting and others will sense that desperation within you and not want to work with you.

You need to be a HIT leader.

HIT: Humility, Integrity, Tenacity.
Humility – Be able to say I screwed up. I need to do a course correct.
Integrity – Honesty, transparency, doing what you say you will.
Tenacity – Actually doing it, and never stopping

Work with integrity and your values, and learn to take action with them.

The following are 5 steps to reaching your inner greatness.

1. Figure out what YOUR values are.

2. Pursue your passion – Apathy is one of the enemies of network marketing.

P – Prospecting
E – Enrolling
T – Training

3. Take 100% responsibility. – People refuse to take responsibility. What is in your bank account is no one’s responsibility but yours. It’s time to stop the blame game. You have to own the bad with the good. You have to own your life. You can be a victim or you can choose to be a victor, but you can’t be both. The number one problem is that you have gifts and talents but aren’t organized enough to become a millionaire.

4. Out habit your competition – You need to prospect for new business. That means discipline. The root of discipline means to be a disciple of. You must be a disciple of something. Why do you think so many people are coming to this industry? They’re scared, they want freedom, lifestyle, etc. We’re in competition not just with network marketers but with the lies being fed in corporate America. You’re selling the lifestyle.

5. Know your terrain – You’ve got to know your market, customer, language and culture of industry, history of industry, and product, or people won’t work with you. Know your terrain whatever it might be.

You don’t know what you are capable of. You could lead an amazing life but some of you are still playing in the Little League. To play with the professionals and to get to the next level, ask yourself bigger questions. Whatever amount of money you want to make, do people get that amount of value from just being in your presence?

Create an exceptional experience. If you want to be a millionaire give million dollars service.

Pour greatness into others. Let every man or woman be better just for being in your presence. Genuinely, authentically compliment others. There are so many problems in the world that so many of us want to solve, but you have to get wealthy so yotumblr ll86sbuimw1qze0goo1 500 300x300 Susan Slys Life and Business Can Give You A Kick In The Teethu can solve problems important to you.

What goes down eventually comes up. You may have some challenges. Don’t think you’re dwelling there. You are just passing through. You focus on what you are going to do not what you’re going through. If people are criticizing and condemning, you know that it is only making you stronger.

Create a plan. Do not start the day before you end the day. Always plan your next day before you go to bed. Always finish the plan for that day before you make the plan for tomorrow. Never fail on this point and you will never fail.

All distractions are equal. Where your focus goes your energy flows. You can’t ride two horses.

Lastly take time every day for gratitude. Gratitude is your latitude. If you write down 10 things you’re grateful for every single day your income will double in 365 days. If you don’t believe me, prove me wrong. It will cost you nothing and may lead you to freedom.

Next time we’ll talk about dynamic prospecting with David Wood. Learn how to overcome some of the most common objections, and get people to join your company.

The Multiplier Effect of Network Marketing Events

networking The Multiplier Effect of Network Marketing EventsThe Multiplier Effect of Network Marketing Events

Most of the time that you hear about events it is because of who is speaking at it or how important that it is to hear whoever because their stuff will make you business grow 10 fold or whatever.

Not to discount the power of a great speaker or many that will give you ideas on how to grow bigger, faster, or better, but what is equally as important about is the networking and prospecting leverage that events can have on you, your team, and your business.

partner1 The Multiplier Effect of Network Marketing EventsAlliances are built at events.

Cooperative projects and joint ventures spawn from events.

New businesses are created and additional incomes can be created from events.

And yes, you can get prospects to bring into your business at or because of events.

There are more than a few examples of what happens when people meet at events and become friends and create partnerships.

1. The Stories

Get a roomful of Network Marketers together and you will hear a different story from each one on their success, failures, why they joined, and what keeps them going.  Hearing these stories gets you inside the head of your prospects. Because at one time every marketer you meet was a prospect. When connecting with marketers at events find out what their reason for joining their MLM was. Those stories are PRICELESS.

2. Joint Ventures and Startups

partnerpieces 300x161 The Multiplier Effect of Network Marketing Events

CarbonCopyPro and MLSP are just two examples of what can be created from a couple people connecting at an event and sharing the same mindset and then going on to create a business from some ideas they come up with. Or a few people seeing a common problem with marketing, leads, closing, or whatever; coming up with a business to help people solve that issue or perhaps a series of tools that help them do it better.

3. Prospecting

Then there is the prospecting leverage, not from the participants attending the event (although by maintaining relationships with the Networkers you meet, they just might end up joining you if something changes for them later).  The prospecting is in finding people that you can talk to, meet up with, or network while you are staying in a hotel who aren’t even attending the event.

meet The Multiplier Effect of Network Marketing EventsImagine being in, Vegas and prior to the event you network on Facebook, find people on craigslist, or tweet some local Vegas people to meet up and talk to. Leveraging the event to people NOT attending, inviting your team (and maybe some upline leaders) to meet with the Non-event people with you, or inviting the non-event people to a breakout session as your guest (if you are allowed to) and introducing them to masterminds and millionaires.

How hard would it be to close people on a business when they get to meet who you associate with and see your team? When you have the social proof of THOUSANDS of other marketers in town for an event prospecting in a new city is not hard at all. In fact you would probably wouldn’t have to say much more to have them begging you to allow them to join your team.

Now that is prospecting and that is the best leverage you can get from an event.

Each reason to go, besides just the speakers, multiplies what you take away from the event and what you create because of the event.
Hence the multiplier effect of events.

followup The Multiplier Effect of Network Marketing EventsNetworking Event Tip: When connecting with other Networkers at an event get their business card and info. Don’t just hand over yours.  The follow up with every single person you meet within 2-3 days.  And maintain the contact.  You never know when you might need them for something, and if they ever need anything that you could help them with they’re going to remember you as a master Networker and connector for initiating and maintaining that contact.

Event Bonus: You learn about COOL STUFF. I hated how weak Google Analytics was for tracking my websites. I recently learned about a more accurate tool (right down to how many views per hour and what operating system your audience is using to view your sites) Click Here to use it for your domain.

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