Who Says You Can’t Do This Business In Your Bathrobe?

com Who Says You Cant Do This Business In Your Bathrobe?Who Says You Can’t Do This Business In Your Bathrobe

Jackie Ulmer, first speaker on Saturday morning at the No Excuses Summit, came out in her bathrobe and Bunny Slippers. “Who says you can’t do this business in your bathrobe?” she asks the audience.

Jackie Ulmer should know, she has been involved in network marketing for 17 years. Mother of two, she appreciates having balance in her life. Since she brought her business online she’s sponsored 1200 people personally by building relationships with them. She believes the internet is a tool you can leverage to meet more people.

online Who Says You Cant Do This Business In Your Bathrobe?In January 1994, when she got started, she thought network marketing was one of those things you did if you couldn’t get a real job. But, she wanted to stay home with her kids and kept coming back to network marketing. 13 months after a friend introduced her to it the first time, she joined.

It’s important you stay in touch with people because you never know when their mindset and circumstances will change.

How the internet changed her business.

Before she took her business online she had developed her skills offline. If you don’t have the skill set to communicate effectively with people it’s not going to matter if you do network marketing online or offline.

She works online the exact same way as offline. It’s all about building relationships.

Your WHY has to be stronger than your WHY NOT.

How online works differently than offline.

online offline Who Says You Cant Do This Business In Your Bathrobe?Online we have to take a very strategic approach. Keywords, the type of information and content you share, and targeting a specific audience is all very specific online. Same thing with social media, join groups and pages that are in your target audience. Not everyone is your target audience. Your target audience is someone who will raise their hand from the product down to the opportunity.

What are your strengths, your skill set that will attract those people to you?

There’s a lot of ways to build your business. Find what you’re passionate about. But if you aren’t interested in building content, the internet isn’t really for you. Content is writing articles, creating blog posts, status updates, etc. Without content you won’t stay connected with people, and the new ones you meet will quickly see someone else they’d rather talk to.

You need something that sells you first and your company and product second, such as a personal website.

A personal website is where you want to make everything happen. From there you need to add lead capture pages so you actually can talk to the people who go to your site, and you need to make some connection. Get on groups and forums with other like-minded people (you can build content from some of these conversations). Do a personal assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. And have FUN.

Network marketing is a people business. You have to enjoy connecting with people.

Remember an upline-downline is a partnership. Make sure your expectations are in sync with each other. People may go online looking for a business but no one wants to do business with a robot. They need to know someone is there who is part of a team, someone they can lean on when needed and will help keep them going.

Why you must be online.

Your competition is online. Once you’ve gone beyond your warm market the chances are really good the people you’re talking to will Google YOUR name and the name of your company, and your product line. If they can’t find you and learn more about you, they’ll find someone. If they can find you and all the reasons why they want to work with you it develops the know, like, and trust factors, and makes it much more likely they will join you.

Whatever you’re doing, don’t have the internet replace that other stuff. Always notify your warm market of what you’re doing. You don’t bug, you don’t harass, just continue to drip information on them.

You want to become unforgettable in the value and content you are giving. So when you do a status update or blog post they actually want to visit and see what you have to say.

Use the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 approach. Talk about business 1/3 of the time, generically, social 1/3 of the time such as: “I love to cook.” and personal 1/3 of the time. Your social and fun comments will get more action than your business comments. Be consistent. There’s nothing worse than having no Facebook page other than having a dead Facebook page.

Only 2% of sales happen on the first contact. 3% on the second, and over 80% sometime between the 5th and 12th contact. When they say no you can ask, “Would it be alright if I kept in contact and just let you know what was going on in my business?” Most of the time they will say yes.

How to choose a mentor.

Be very specific about choosing a mentor. There are so many people out there you will be tempted to join. Become extremely disciplined so you don’t buy everything.

Ask questions like:

o Does your mentor have a strategy that resonates with you? Choose someone who really resonates with you.
o Do you trust them?
o Do they have what you want in a specific area? Make sure you’re working with someone who has what you want.
o Do they inspire you?
o Are they still relevant? Is what they’re teaching still working?
o Make sure they actually made their money the way you want to.

Ask these questions and you will find a mentor that can actually get you where you want to be.

Next time we will talk about developing yourself and what stands in your way with Joey Klein. Learn how to get those things out of your way so you can live an extraordinary life.

questions When To Approach Your Warm Market: Before Or After Your MLM Success?When To Approach Your Warm Market:
Before Or After Your MLM Success?

Think about this scenario:

You’ve established a strong MLM business by building online and as your lifestyle begins to change your friends and family notice and ask what you are doing. However, because of your insecurities and prejudgement of what they would say about your MLM, you never told them about it. And now they are insulted and hurt that you didn’t talk to them about what you are doing.

Part of being involved in an MLM is to help others have success and fulfill the dreams that they have for their personal lives. MLM isn’t the dream itself; it’s the possibilities that it brings.

Who better to share that with than the people you love and care about?

Except everyone is always shy and slow to call the people that are closest to them. And the #1 reason is because they weren’t taught how to talk to their warm market properly. So instead of gaining the support of their warm market, they end up alienating them.

In my last post “How To Sponsor 1 Rep Per Hour To Your Primary MLM Business” I laid out how to sponsor someone that you’ve just met. This post is going to tell you how to talk to the people you already know.

Step 1 – Get rid of any hope or notion that you are going to sponsor your brother or your aunt and that they will have massive success and make you rich. In fact, get rid of the thought of sponsoring your warm market all together. Because that is not your purpose for contacting them.

Step 2 – Choose 5-15 of your closest friends and/or family members. This is the people that you would call at 1 am when your car breaks down and they will come and help you even if they had to go to work in the morning.

Step 3 – You’re going to ask them for help. And you’re going to MEAN it.

Hi Tom, this is Roy, I just got started in a Network Marketing company and the timing looks right, but there’s some things I need to learn how to do before I get going in this business. You’ve always been there when I needed help, could you sit down with me for about 20 minutes and let me practice this presentation and throw some really hard questions about it at me?

help When To Approach Your Warm Market: Before Or After Your MLM Success?When you’re calling someone that has always been there for you, how are they going to say no to helping you now?

And who would you rather have throwing tough questions at you,,, a total stranger that you met online? Or someone that loves and cares about you and supports you?

If they see value in what you are doing and they want to join, cool. If not then at least they know what you are doing. You don’t feel like you’re hiding it. And they’re not going to be mad at you later for not sharing.

After you’ve gone through and practiced talking about your MLM business with those who care about you the most and they’ve given you feedback and you’re comfortable talking about your business, it’s time to talk to the rest of the people you know.

And don’t prejudge any of them. You never know what circumstances may have recently changed in their life that might have them open to joining an MLM.

Here’s a simple thing to say that isn’t pushy:

This may or may not be for you, but I just got involved in a network marketing company. The timing looks right and I’m going to run with it. If you’re interested I can give you a link with a video about it, if not, no big deal.

There’s absolutely NO PRESSURE within that phone call. For when and how to call them after they’ve watched the video Click Here and you can use the same questions and followup described in my last post.

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