Teach What You Know About Internet Marketing

teacher Share Your Online Marketing Knowledge: A Lesson From Tim ErwayWhy are you being so selfish?

Don’t you realize there are thousands of people out there that need your product or information?

Quit thinking that it’s all about you.

Stop waiting until it is perfect, people need it now, and you can always make it pretty later.

Just do it.

Tim Erway started his career in internet marketing in 2002. Going from $0 to $30,000 in record time. No, not positive cash flow, he was in debt. Massive debt. $30,000 in debt. The kind of debt that most never recover from. Grateful when his phone was shut off so the bill collectors couldn’t call. Then the final straw; he was evicted from his crummy little one bedroom apartment.

With nowhere to go, depending on the kindness of friends and family, he made a vow to himself, that he would get out of this mess and never be broke again. His why finally got fixed. Like a crack addict, trying to get his next fix, he hit the network marketing world like a storm. Every ounce of energy was directed at this purpose. Nothing was going to stand in his way.

What is standing in your way? Why?

Very quickly Tim built a successful company, paid off all of his bills, and started helping anyone who needed it. The ripple he has made in the world has changed lives. It’s all about the ripple effect.

Having a powerful purpose is the single most important factor that will determine how successful you will become. If you think about any leader, they’ve had a profound purpose driving them. It starts with a belief, a purpose, and a reason for being. Get very clear on your purpose. What is it you want to do?

vision Share Your Online Marketing Knowledge: A Lesson From Tim ErwayYour mission is your ultimate purpose, the vision is what it looks like, and the strategy is how you’re going to get there.

Everything we do is about value. Everyone sells something. If you’re afraid to sell your product then you don’t believe in it and you need to find out why. The best way to make money is to have your own product, and information products are the easiest to make. If you want to make good money with them follow these simple steps.

Information Marketing:

To build a massive business fast, determine what you are a master at, create a product around that niche, then market the product, first as an e-book, then as an audio, then a webinar, record the webinar, and sell the video. Then design an entire course around the initial product and get a professional phone room to upsell this to the people who bought the other products. This will make you extremely wealthy. people that build real businesses are masters at something and sell that information on how to do it. It’s extremely profitable.

How to sell your product: (Such as a webinar or teleseminar, E-books, videos.)

1. Select your topic – Find people that have needs and fill those needs. Take an inventory of what your value is. Conduct research and select your topic. If there’s competition it’s wonderful. If there are multiple products to the same groups then you know it’s an area that’s been tested and proven with a credit card. Look at Social Media sites and notice what they need. What is their pain? Providing a solution to that would be a great product. If you go to Amazon.com and search for books being sold on that topic it’s a good way to do research. Check your idea to see if it is good. The 2 biggest criteria for finding out if your idea is a good one are: 1) Is it something you can get excited about? 2) Is there a market for it?
reel Share Your Online Marketing Knowledge: A Lesson From Tim Erway2. Choose your format and delivery – Pick one and get it done.
• Videos
• Members area website
• Email
• Live events.
• Physical Delivery.

3. Craft your offer – Copywriting- if you’re going to be an online marketer you need to learn this. It is vital to have great copywriting to hook people.

Create an offer summary – Basically this is your elevator pitch. It tells your prospect what your product does?

Included in this are:
• Headline – Make a good headline that isn’t too long
• Benefit bullets – What points will be covered by your product.
• Write your offer and call to action – Get them to take action.
• Risk reversal – Make sure they have an option for getting their money back if they don’t like the product..

4. Set up your sales system – This is really simple. You need a domain name, hosting account, auto-responder, and shopping cart.

Steps for selling a seminar :
• Set up capture page
• Create sales page using the offer
• Set up shopping cart
• Set up go-to-webinar event
• Drive traffic

5. Create your product blueprint – Table of contents. This is what you’re going to teach. Go to Amazon and read the reviews to find out where the gaps in the knowledge are.

Steps: Get the offer you wrote in step 3. Write down all of the topics that you want to cover, organize, eliminate and combine when necessary. You don’t want 30 different topics. You need to cover everything in the size of a normal book.

ticket Share Your Online Marketing Knowledge: A Lesson From Tim Erway6. Sell access to your event – Your initial customers get to be part of the creation of the product and they love doing that.

7. Record your event – Screenflow or Camtasia work well for this. Make sure you record the event in two locations to have a backup copy.

8. Create an asset – Keep selling access to your event. – Improve your conversions and add traffic.
Seems easy, right? It’s not. You will make mistakes, you will fall down. Sometimes you will get bumps and bruises, but the important thing is that if you’re driven by your purpose you will pick yourself up and persevere, and if you do that then everything will fall into place.

Next time we will talk about controlling the variables and what makes a leader with Jay Kubassek.