Welcome To Roy’s Inner Circle

First of all, I’m an upfront and transparent kind of guy. I won’t be sending you a lot of fluff or “tips and tricks” kind of emails.

You’ll only get what’s real and what’s real important.

Before I send you anything else we should introduce ourselves.

54431 162777077094345 100000861620720 310056 5746248 o 214x300 Welcome To Roys Inner CircleI have the greatest job in the world, and it’s not Network Marketing.

I’m a test flight engineer at Boeing. Most people think that sounds boring, but I love it.  However, it’s still just trading my time for someone else to pay me.

That’s the part I don’t like and why I chose to be involved in MLM. So when the time comes that I either can’t do my job anymore or I don’t want to do it. I already have my plan B in place.

You can get to know more about me by cruising around on my blog. (And you can even check out the first flight of the Boeing 787 on my About Me page, it was an awesome moment for me while working at Boeing)

I’d love to hear your why.

What brought you to the MLM industry?

Shoot me an email in the form below or call me 425 plus 577-9419

Taking Flight In MLM

Roy Harris

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