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This is my personal arsenal of learning how to build a Network Marketing empire, both online and offline.  Every other week there’s a new product launch for Network Marketing. The following is what has stood the test of time and actually WORKS.



magnetic logo2 Roy Recommends Every Top Earner online has read this. Have You? In my personal opinion the Magnetic Sponsoring book isn’t a recommendation. It’s required reading. It’s like a rite of passage into what real Network Marketing is all about. Start with the 7 Free Videos on Attraction Marketing by Clicking Here. And then get your hands on the Magnetic Sponsoring Book (It’s only a $39 course,,, with some other cool reports along with it,,, in my opinion this is NOT optional if you want to be successful in MLM, but heck it’s your business, so you decide what kind of results you want.)



lbb banner1 Roy RecommendsMost paralyzing problem of new Network Marketers is not knowing what to say to people. Depending on if you are talking to people you already know, other network marketers, people that have opted in to your site or to professionals such as Realtors,,, you have to use a different approach and different wording for each type of person. This “Little Black Book” covers every angle for every type of person you will ever come in contact with in Network Marketing.

The Free version covers talking to most types of people. But if you want to know the in & outs and how to adapt each script you’ll want the full book. Which also includes how to do the perfect 3way call with your upline.

Out of all affiliate products online this one is one of the few that actually teaches core skills that can be used to build any MLM business offline or online.



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Whether you have an existing downline that is asking for internet marketing training or you are still learning the ropes of online marketing you owe it to your downline and yourself to learn from the most elite community of marketers and the best online marketing education system available today.

You can either be a know it all and use your precious time teaching your downline online marketing yourself, or outsource it to the best place for online marketing training.  That doesn’t even sound like a choice when you think about it. So become a member of MyLeadSystemPro if you aren’t already.


getintoatribe 180x150 Roy RecommendsEvery internet marketer has their own blog if they’re serious about making an online presence.  In order to get your blog seen by others they first have to FIND IT! Easiest way to be found, GET IN A TRIBE! Plus, you get your content shared all over the internet and get thousands of backlinks which creates even more traffic to your site.
And speaking of having a blog. When it comes to having something done right the best option isn’t to do it yourself. The best option is to have an expert do the tedious boring part for you.  That’s the real essential beauty of Network Marketing, leveraging the efforts of others. Get in touch with the awesome gal that set up this site by Clicking Here. And tell her Roy sent you icon wink Roy Recommends


itrackerpro Roy RecommendsEver since day 1 of setting up this blog I’ve been completely disappointed in Google Analytics. It just wasn’t accurate enough and was very limited in the stats that it provided.  I needed to know more specifics about what my readers liked, when they were reading it, and how was my blog rating for conversions. Then enters iTrackerPro. This tracks EVERYTHING. Which days get the most readers, which hour of each day gets the most readers, when and what are viewers opting in on, where are they when they are viewing my site, even down to what kind of Operating System they have on their computer. If you want more than what Google Analytics has to offer then get your hands on iTrackerPro. Free version lets you track 1 domain name, if you have more than one domain you’ll need to upgrade. The upgrade is worth it to track not just your blog, but also your landing pages.

Get out there and make a difference

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