MLM Recruiting Tips, Tricks and Inside Secrets

conversation Here are Some Convenient MLM Recruiting Tricks and TipsAsk anyone who is successful in the MLM business and they will tell you that they focus on and focus between eighty percent and 90% of their time on recruiting, and you need to do the same if you wish to obtain financial liberty. Recruiting and sponsoring. That’s where all heavy hitters make their money. And that is it in brief.

Take a couple of minutes to think about it.

Your company’s products may be the most amazing thing ever invented, but if all you do is push the product and get one sale per buyer then truly all you are doing is the same as being a sales aid on a commission.

By focusing and spending the bulk of your time on MLM recruiting, you will be in a position to leverage the time of a well-trained downline, who can then go out and also pitch the product effectively,there will be plenty of folk all adding a little to your wealth. Shall we say you manage to sell X quantity of products every month on your own. Because you have got a top product and a well-trained team now, between you and your team that X amount now becomes X to the power of your combined team.

MLM Recruiting It’s a Numbers Game

lead generation1 Here are Some Convenient MLM Recruiting Tricks and TipsIf you take the time to look at any of the heavy hitters in the network marketing business those people that may even be earning seven-figures annually, you’ll probably not be shocked to discover that the great majority of their money is made as there are perhaps a half a dozen or so top producers on their team of thousands.

That is 6, not hundreds. Merely a handful if you have 6 fingers. The crazy thing is they may not even have personally sponsored those other heavy hitters.

As with any job or career, the majority of people will never rise higher than one or two rungs on the ladder, if at all . At least seventy pc of new recruits who sign up will be gone within ninety days. Why? There’s numerous reasons. Unfortunately that is the name of the game. Of the remaining thirty percent, 27% will probably make an amount every month that they’re quite comfortable with and only three percent will go on to be top producers.

Three % will become MLM recruiting megastars. So that the lesson you would like to wrap your intelligence around here is you need to find a way to personally sponsor and recruit at least one hundred new team members to join your business as fast and as cost-effectively as practical. Sponsor a hundred folks and you will become rich.

It’s the way the game is played.

How to Increase your MLM Recruiting Success

advertising2 Here are Some Convenient MLM Recruiting Tricks and TipsAlthough you personally need to sponsor a hundred new team members, you can’t just present your internet promotion chance to one hundred folk because glaringly they won’t all sign up. You need to present to possibly one thousand people, which will give you a ten percent success rate. These are coarse numbers clearly, but the number may have to be more. So decide how you’re going to create a constant stream of new prospects, 10% of whom will be interested in taking a look in joining your business. What are you intending to do to make this happen?

There is not any set way of going about MLM recruiting, some techniques work for some while they do not work for others, it’s all a game of numbers like we said, and it’s all a method of sieving and sorting and finding out what’s best for your business.

If you can find a way to get your opportunity in front of a sizeable number of people continually, give them a simple and good presentation, all you have to do is follow up with those people who have expressed an interest to join.

MLM lead production systems online are the most highly effective, speediest and easiest methods of going about recruiting. You can set up a system, plug the system and attract anyone who is looking to make the commitment. You are then left to target bringing in more traffic.

If you have a significant budget, you might want to think about running business opportunity ads both online and offline.

Or perhaps put together an advertising co-op and split the costs and results with your team. You can also concentrating on belly-to-belly MLM recruiting methods.

Whatever works for you. You just need 100. What are you waiting for?

Check this out for an MLM Recruiting trick.

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The Law of Attraction Made Easy

The Law of Attraction Made Easy

law of attraction to attract specific person 300x215 The Law of Attraction Made Easy

On first consideration Steve Pavlina’s LOA looks like some things from the hippy time.

When you first look at Steve Pavlina’s ideas behind the LOA, if you’re the right age, you might think it’s something from the peace and love age of the mid 1960s. When you discover that Steve uses his very own strategies throughout his many enterprises, and he has earned a number of degrees, you could think he came originally from a made background. He didn’t, and you could be amazed to find out that his search for private development and growth came when he was banged up in his late teens.

Why Do Folks Need an Individual Development Program For the Law of Attraction?

With Steve’s techniques you’ll reveal a lot of subconscious reasons why some folks are successful while many others are not. Frequently it’s simply down to the different way successful people look at things. While one person encountering a hurdle will give up , others will find how round the problem and learn and grow from the experience. Steve shows individuals to work and think in a way so they will be able to overcome the obstacles that are stopping them from achieving what they really need to.

He realized early that what holds many people back is how they were brought up many youngsters encounter plenty of negativism growing up. This is conditioning which is sort of a person’s early programming if you like. If you are constantly failing at everything you do – particularly at sides of your business, visit – you will be there next to the thousands of site visitors he gets every day.

Take the time to peruse some of the many articles he has on his website – most of them are actually helpful for making you aware of how things can be so much better for you and your business, if you simply think differently. For example, why do you hold yourself back from doing certain jobs? Why do you hate doing specific things is it because you are not successful at doing them? This is going to be anything from meeting folk to writing letters. Steve shows how positive thinking can get you past these obstacles.

LOA for Private and Successful Business Development using the Law of Attraction

Steve asserts you attract to your life whatever you concentrate on, so in a business situation where you actually need to be successful the Law of Attraction can help you reach your targets and overcome difficulties when they come up – and they may.

By being able to think positively and knowing the technique to get around these difficulties in itself is part of private development. You move on or you give up , and in business not so many people really want to give up .

Ideas from the LOA and the Law of Attractionlaw of attraction 300x161 The Law of Attraction Made Easy

Do you have goals or are you just blundering around every day doing what you should do without a plan under consideration?

One fundamental tip that Steve teaches is if you need something, clear your consciousness and concentrate on the things you need. Saying you need a new automobile will not get you a new car, but having set goals at the forefront of your mind will drive you on to think positively about your business and your life, making your goals a clearer reality.

If you are starting a brand new business, these goals can drive you forward until you can meet your first monetary goal and then set another to aim towards. It is how entrepreneurs naturally think and with Steve Pavlina’s L. O. A you can condition yourself to think like that too.

en The Law of Attraction Made EasyThe Empower Network is an effortless means to get started online. This process allows you to have instant access to online advertising, and split-second access to your commissions. If you are wanting to find out how to market online, make a ton of money, and create a load of leads, then you must join the Empower Network today!

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Understanding MLM Compensation Plans

Understanding MLM Compensation Plans
numis network 300x185 Understanding MLM Compensation Plans

Have you been thinking about getting into multilevel selling? More and more people are pondering it because it’s a good home run enterprise that will earn you tons of money. But use caution, look hard and long at the MLM compensation plan the company offers.

There are a bunch of things to consider:

Ideally you could have done plenty of homework about the corporations you are considering joining. You should’ve spent a lot of time online attempting to find any info you can about those corporations. You might find that all that grumbles that you can find appear to come from sad distributors, almost all of the time it is down to the fact they suspected MLM was a make money fast scheme and they didn’t have to do any work! People have to work diligently at their jobs to be successful. You know that, and you also know hundreds of folk you can sell the product to or sponsor into your down-line.

But did you ever get a straight answer about the compensation plan the company was offering?

Did you even ask?

If you did, are you still scratching your head and thinking you have to be foolish not to be able to understand what he was talking about?

Here’s the thing. Most MLM compensation plans are not tough to figure out if you go over it a few times and essentially pretend, on paper, you are building up a business.

Actually this is sometimes a good exercise to do so that you can outline a pleasant plan of action and one or two achievement goals.

MLM Compensation Plans: Don’t Make it More Complicated
comp plan 1 300x254 Understanding MLM Compensation Plans

Forget all the fancy terms and language. Don’t worry about utterly understanding the biggest difference between a matrix, binary, uni-level or Australian one up structure.

It doesn’t actually count.

What matters is are there folk making the type of money you want to make inside this program? If so, then know you can also make that kind of cash if you get in, get busy and grow a business.

One thing to have a look at is what the company pays and if there’s a sign up bonus.

Say for example it costs $200 to join are you likely to get an indication up bonus of maybe $20? It’s good, it is a bonus but there maybe other companies that offer a $50 bonus on the $200 sign up.

The reason why this is critical to consider is perhaps because you and everyone on your team will at last run straight out of folk you know to present your product, service or business opportunity to.

So you’ll need to move into the wonderful arena of promoting. And there’s a cost concerned in promoting.

So any sign up bonus monies earned can be employed to create a nice marketing spend to keep your business going in the long term.

These sign up bonuses an exceedingly important so that you can continue to market and promote your business. So the quantity of these bonuses and commissions is very important to keep your business going.Forced Matrix Compensation Plan 300x181 Understanding MLM Compensation Plans

There’s one more thing to think about, when you look at MLM compensation plans what will occur if your sponsor is the genuine go getter, he’s one of those folks it gets busy and can build business really quickly?

Are you likely to get a part of what they make as you would in a binary program or would you like to have to find someone else who is as useful as he is to balance your legs?

What it comes down to is that when you pick one of the few corporations you are presently considering you really have to consider that compensation plans side-by-side to ascertain which is going to be best for you. You have written your goals down now it’s down to you to choose which of these companies will help you achieve your finance and business targets.

en Understanding MLM Compensation PlansThe Empower Network is an effortless means to get started online. This process allows you to have instant access to online advertising, and split-second access to your commissions. If you are wanting to find out how to market online, make a ton of money, and create a load of leads, then you must join the Empower Network today!

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Qualified MultiLevel Marketing Leads

Qualified MLM Marketing Leads
lead guarantee  Qualified MultiLevel Marketing Leads

Noobies to MLM could be pleased to find just any leads when they are starting but they shortly learn that qualified MLM leads are the most popular.

It is comparatively straightforward to get an email address out of just anybody, but when anyone asks you specifically about your product or social marketing opportunity that means that individual is already interested.

Beware of any organization which attempts to persuade you that the leads they would like to resell you are qualified frequently they’re not.

Build your own leads ; to be sure they’re not reused, out-of-date or not relevant to your business.

Build Your Own List of Qualified Leads

By creating your own leads you have already started a connection with the names on your list.

Perhaps you have answered their questions through e-mail thru your blog or website, or maybe you have met the person face to face. You cannot leave these qualified leads on the back shelf for too long; folks that are eager to get into an MLM opportunity are continually being approached by others.

If you have a blog or site, educate yourself if you have some time about SEO, because this is going to drive more free leads that may opt in to get more info. Merely by composing well SEO’d content utilizing definite key terms and phrases often, it is straightforward to encourage increased free traffic and more visitors to your internet site. Naturally you could certainly use a backed offer system like MLSP inside your multilevel marketing business which will permit you to have a flow of earnings while you build your list and get more experienced.

Good Shoppers Equal Great Affiliatesmlm lead generator  Qualified MultiLevel Marketing Leads

Selling your product or service on your website will bring customers and there’s nothing folk like more nowadays than saving a few bucks. You might easily supply an affiliate opportunity to your best consumers to help improve your profits and your downline. Heaps of folk will register to simply acquire a discount on what they buy, but other people will discover the chance to popularize the service or product and jump at the opportunity to make additional cash. If they buy your product they already know all about it so they’re going to enthusiastically promote it to anyone they know. These people are among the cheapest leads imaginable.

Email & Premium Leads Can Be Productive

Email leads may also be valuable even though it can take up to 10 or so mails for the inquirer to feel as if they trust you.

Adding an MPEG of you talking about your product to an early email can save time, and answer any doubts and questions they may have.

Sending out e-mails on Fridays and Saturdays is not an excellent idea as most people are doing other stuff.

Premium leads are purchased by a future customer completing an opt in form on your blog, these forms make allowance for all of the prospect’s important info along with a phone number. A great many of these people are scanning thru a bunch of business ventures, so don’t allow those qualified MLM leads go cold or join somebody else’s offer as you have waited too long to chat to them.

en  Qualified MultiLevel Marketing LeadsThe Empower Network is an effortless means to get started online. This process allows you to have instant access to online advertising, and split-second access to your commissions. If you are wanting to find out how to market online, make a ton of money, and create a load of leads, then you must join the Empower Network today!

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MLM Attraction Marketing Revealed

MLM Attraction Marketing Revealed

choose4 MLM Attraction Marketing RevealedMLM attraction marketing is an Internet phenomenon which has been coming under the attention to a skyrocketing extent in the last couple of years. Before then, Net marketing had followed a fairly foreseeable pattern, with marketing pros all making an attempt to chase clients to buy their products or subscribe to the services they were promoting on their company websites. Because they were all competing to attract the attention of the same people, these activities may become quite discouraging, and only a few marketing specialists actually made any money.

MLM attraction marketing has turned all this on its head. Rather than being about chasing folks to buy your products and promoting your company web sites, it is about branding yourself and enticing others to yourself personally, not to your company or site. Put simply, you’re the brand not your company and not your product, but yourself.

So how can you start attracting people to you and your own brand. You can start by deciding the features that attract you to others. You are typically likely drawn to those who show a real interest in you and who show you that they actually care about your fears and your problems.

lead generation MLM Attraction Marketing RevealedYou want these folk to have something to provide that can help you to raise your quality of life. These are the features that you need to possess in order to attract others to you. You want to have a genuine interest in the Problems and issues of others as well as the facility to help give significant and valuable solutions to these issues. You build your own brand by building relations, and solving the concerns, issues and issues of the people that you have built these relations with.

If you are growing your business offline, the same principles apply but you are usually limited as to how many new relations you can form and maintain simply because of a absence of time.

But online, using the world wide reach of the Net, there are no such limits as you can create and maintain relationships with hundreds, even crowds of people around the planet using state of the art communication technolies.

follow the leader MLM Attraction Marketing RevealedThink e-mail autoresponders. Offer something of worth like a free five day bootcamp or other value-based content in exchange for their contact information. Then simply follow up over a period of time. Provide incredible price and, over the course of time your new contacts will come to understand, like and trust you as the leader they are looking out for and may ultimately join your primary business.

But how does one get the products, and the valuable content to send to your customers? To help, there are a bunch of Attraction Promoting systems available, which can set you on the right trail. These systems provide not only the content to send to your subscribers, but also a regular supply of affiliate products, which both meet your subscribers’ wants and generate an income for you. One of the best known of these is known as My Lead System Pro. The reason it is especially favored is that it does lots more than supplying content and products. It is above all a training system, with a sequence of private videos that teach you step by step exactly how to formulate and carry out the strategies that can lead to success.

One of the more complicated lessons learned by affiliate marketers is that it can be virtually impossible to succeed when everyone seems to be implementing the same methods.

Success is most often secured by doing things that help to set apart you from the crowd. The ability of MLM attraction marketing systems to help do this is precisely why they are so strong.

It’s time to become the business person you wish to be, and attract all the free mlm leads you want straight to you.

Empower Network could be for you.

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Buzzy Boxer and Todd Falcone’s Greatest Hits

Todd Falcone Sings The Commodores Hit  “I Can’t Afford It”


“I can’t afford it” – “I can’t afford it” – “I can’t afford it”toddstairs 218x300 Buzzy Boxer and Todd Falcones Greatest Hits
You say it every single day of your life. From those who are struggling to put food on the the table, to those who want that vacation and just can’t take it. If you listen to yourself most people say I can’t afford it at least once a day. Todd Falcone was no different. Growing up he heard I can’t afford it so often that that when he became an adult and started earning money he decided that he would never have to say ”I can’t afford it”.
There is only one business you can join for almost nothing that has an unlimited upside, Todd became a Network Marketer and never has to say, “I can’t afford it” because he is making millions. Now he spends his time teaching others how to do the same thing, and coaching them on changing their lives. He is one of the few that make money doing the things he teaches. Beware of anyone who does not bring in a significant percent of their income doing what they teach. This business changes too fast to be using yesterday’s techniques.
One of Todd’s basic trainings describe six steps to easily out producing every single person around you so that money is never an issue again.

Want to know what they are?

1. Let your beliefs be your guide. – This is the foundation of your success in network marketing. If you don’t get this you won’t get network marketing. You aren’t selling stuff and recruiting people. You are handing people a gift that can completely change their life. When you come from a position of belief no one can touch belief 240x300 Buzzy Boxer and Todd Falcones Greatest Hits

Ask yourself 2 questions:

o Do people make money in network marketing? When you’re going out into the marketplace you have to have a belief in the system. You can’t believe and doubt at the same time.
o Do people make the money that I want in my life in network marketing? Why would you bother doing something if it’s not going to take you where you want to go? If you’re on a path and it’s not taking you where you want to go you need to get off that path and get on one that will take you there.
After you get the yeses to these questions you can go out into the marketplace and represent network marketing and no one can knock you down.
2. Focus on one thing – If you want to be in the top ten of your company, only do one thing. You aren’t going to achieve freedom by dillydallying around with different deals. If people are making money in your company and you aren’t it’s not the company’s fault. You get to blame you for either your success or your failure.

Pace Buzzy Boxer and Todd Falcones Greatest Hits

No! Not That Kind Of Pace!

3. Pick up the pace– How many people are you talking to? It will take sacrifice. If you love to talk put a timer on for five minutes. If the timer goes off and you’re still on the phone with a prospect get off. Listen to the clues people give you. You don’t need to stay on the phone with people you know aren’t the right prospects. It is just wasting your time.
4. Hire yourself – Go to a mirror and look at yourself and ask the question “Would I hire me?” based on how you’ve been showing up and who you’ve been showing up as. Write that down every day.

Reality check:

Draw a box on a piece of paper. In that box write down how many new people you’ve talked to about your business in the last 24 hours. This really puts it in perspective when you write it down. What did you write down? Was it 5, 10, or zero? This is a business of being personally accountable. Double digits a day keep the commission checks on their way. Talk to at least 10 people every day. It’s not that hard. It’s a numbers game. Line up 30 prospects a day to get double digit numbers. Get off your butt.

On the scale of difficulty, 1 being laying on the couch and 10 being brain surgery, network marketing is a 2 ½. You get paid to talk to people.


5. Learn the skills – Practice the script and make it conversational, and finish what you start. This isn’t boomerang marketing, throwing it out there and hoping it comes back to you. Success comes to those people who go and get it. Get Todd’s “Little Black Book of Scripts” and practice everyday. Refine your telephone skills until every one of Todd’s scripts, every rebuttal, and every close, sounds natural. If you have a problem on the phone, buy some old cheap crappy list off of the internet and make 50 calls, so when you get a good prospect on the phone, you won’t blow it. Always follow up. The money is in the follow-up.
6. Flick the fear – Everybody is scared of something, but if you don’t face that fear it will eat you up and the thing that you fear the most will actually happen. Some of you are frozen. You can’t get yourself to pick up the phone. You will not make money until you make contact with a human being. Here’s what you need to do. Pick up the phone and dial the number. You may stutter, stumble over yourself and perhaps not even say a word, but when you hang up the phone (even if you’re only on it for 30 seconds) check yourself out. Feel your heartbeat, your breath and go “I’m alive.” You aren’t going to die of prospecting.

Then do it again and start linking them together. It will get easier.

Start using your ears. Pay attention to the clues people give you, and even when you hear a no ask the person “Who do you know who is outgoing, who might be interested?” If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Stop focusing on you and start focusing on them. If you become outwardly focused and start being interested rather than interesting, you will attract people into your business and see your dreams become reality.
Next time we will talk about the 2 things that will make or break you with Aaron Rashkin. Don’t miss out on these enormously important factors in your life and your business.

success What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMWhat You Don’t Know Is Costing You Millions: Here’s The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLM

Probably one of the most incredible speakers at the No Excuses Summit was Joey Klein. He’s not an expert in any of the normal fields of Network Marketing, yet his topic is what prevents 99% of network marketers from becoming successful.

We are what stands in the way of our own success.

We are the main roadblock to contacting people. We are the one that creates procrastination.

Would you like to learn how to get yourself out of the way, so you can make a million dollars this year?

Well then you need to read this story.

rejoice What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMTen years ago Joey Klein was out of control. A kid from wealthy parents living in a very affluent neighborhood. When he went off to college, he started hanging with the wrong crowd, the druggies. For 2 years he never came down from his high. Drugs were his constant companions.

Finally something snapped.

He found his girlfriend sleeping with his best friend. The drugs weren’t killing the pain any more. He was in a major depression and ready to take his own life. He had gone as low a person could go. He knew no one could help him but himself.

Dropping out of college, Joey went back home and locked himself in the basement for a month. He had to overcome his addiction or die. “What is wrong with me”, he would ask himself and “how can I make myself better.” He realized he could only go so far in this journey alone, he needed help.

He sought out the greatest minds and the greatest leaders in the fields of meditation, mind purification, and life-improvement systems; from the far corners of the earth he traveled. In the process he studied with a Kabalistic teacher, an Indian Guru, and a Martial Arts Master as his personal teachers. He not only took control of his own mind, emotion, spirit, and body but he learned how to help others gain control of their lives.

Now he is the founder and head coach for the Institute of Transformational Studies. Psychiatrists send their toughest patients to him, the ones they can’t help.

Ultimately, Mr. Klein’s goal is to affect the world on a grand scale, teaching his simple life-mastery techniques to as many people as possible. Joey serves multi-million dollar actors in Hollywood as well as business tycoons, due to his keen ability to navigate the mind.

zen What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMJoey teaches us that before we can have a relationship with the outside world, we are constantly in a ‘battle’ with our own patterns that exist in our “personality selves”. He explains how our personality selves are made up of our Mental Body, our Emotional Body, and our Physical Body. And if we hope to make great changes in our lives, we need to step out of these patterns and get in touch with our Spiritual Body, so new answers can arise from more positive places.

Our emotional bodies are the engines that drive what and why we do things. We make decisions based on our emotions. So his teachings help a person to get in touch with their predominant emotions (especially the negative ones), and to then transform them so we stop reacting to them; rather, we convert them into ones that serve us.

With the great power he wields, it is amazing, his ego is very small, and it’s only used to make sure people get what he is saying so their lives transform for the better as fast as possible. He is kind- hearted, warm, simple, and does not boast of his achievements. The stories he shares are applicable to one and all, no matter the age, and they are shared without egoist attachment

He teaches that each human being is a well of potential; we just need to learn the skills to reach our full potential. He can teach anyone the skills they require.

What kind of life do you want to be living 5 years from now? Joey will help you understand that creation starts with vision; a vision so deep and clear that within that vision, you have already attained your goal and are enjoying the fruits of your labor. Therefore goals without vision are not as powerful and could explain why you have not attained the goals you have set to this point.

Without vision we cannot lead ourselves and we will not be the person we are trying to become.

An important point in this training is that the unseen world is much more powerful than the seen world. The unseen world is what influences and impacts our lives. 90% of communication is nonverbal, it’s happening at an energetic level; mentally, emotionally, physically.

vision What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMFor most people we are constantly affected by our environment at an unseen level. We become a product of our environment. Learn instead to make the environment a product of the new you. To do this we need to connect with our center, connect with that spiritual/intuitive side of ourselves.

When we are centered, negativity has no effect or influence on us. We control our environment; we control the forces around us, and most importantly, we control our reactions to any person, place or thing that tries to influence us. When we can do this, we control the outcome, we control how people react, and we control our own success. We no longer have to chase success, but we allow it to flow to us. This is the hardest thing for people to accept. We have been taught we must fight and struggle for success, instead make the vessel ready and allow the success to flow into it. Become the person that coincides with the vision and everything will arrive.

It seems simple and that’s part of the problem. We want to make it too difficult.

All our roadblocks exist inside. Mind. Emotions. Physical Body.

roadblock What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMIn business we have positive and negative thoughts. These thoughts affect emotion. When we have negative emotions such as fear we go into fight or flight. If you’re fleeing from your successful business, that’s a problem.

When we dial all of these aspects in an appropriate way, success is imminent, but to do that we have to step outside of all of this. We have to be aware of what is happening, step outside of it, and then make changes within it. You cannot solve a problem from the same level the problem was created.

If you want to consciously develop yourself you have to be able and willing to let go of who you are now. You have to be willing to let go of how you see yourself today so you can become the person you want to be tomorrow.

The mind is broken up into 3 levels; Conscious (10%), Subconscious and Unconscious. Most people function only at the conscious level. You need to learn to function from that subconscious and unconscious self.

Fear is energy, emotion is energy. If you can focus that energy amazing things will start to happen.

Your family and friends may try to stop you. There will be times when you must ask them all to step aside so you can achieve what you want.

aware What You Dont Know Is Costing You Millions: Heres The Simple Secret To Make $1 Million In Your MLMThere is no amount of houses, money, vacations, or cars that we can acquire that is going to create fulfillment in our life. If you are not serving people in some positive way you are not going to be fulfilled, and if your business isn’t fulfilling what is it worth? If you’re not vibrantly excited about life, what is any of it worth? Do the work of dialing yourself in so that every moment of your life becomes an amazing experience, and when you acquire that, things will begin to fall in line with the new person you’ve become.

There are 5 steps to this.

  1. Awareness – This is the hardest step. You have to be aware of what you’re doing and what you have to change.
  2. Choice – You have to choose to do it. Many people change things frequently. They jump from business to business, choose something else. This is okay.
  3. Decision – Sooner or later you’ll choose one thing and do it.
  4. Focus – Put your energy there.
  5. Realization – The things you’ve worked on come about.

To become aware of your mind and emotions, do this simple exercise.

Place two fingers just below your belly button and breath into that place. Pause. Exhale. Pause. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause. Then just take a moment and be aware of your mind. Don’t try to change anything, just accept what is there. Then just tell your mind, body, and emotions to move aside, and get in touch with that spiritual/intuitive self. It will begin to change your life.

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Next time we will talk about cracking the code of network marketing with Paula Prichard. Learn how the network marketing business works, and how to make it work for you.


Attraction Marketing System that Brands You

Attraction Marketing System that Brands You
AttractionMarketingFunnel 300x152 Attraction Marketing System that Brands You

Attraction marketing is not a new idea, it is an old strategy of selling applied to a new media – the internet.

Where at one previous point sales people had to attend trade shows and meetings, possible cold-call, or perhaps the old methodology of door to door selling was all based mostly on attraction marketing.

Essentially your character sold the product, people liked you, so they purchased.

There’s a massive rebirth in attraction marketing online nowadays and this “attraction” is usually done thru the use of video. There are many billions of hits on YouTube videos every month. If somebody has an issue with a product or simply wants to know lots more about it they will potentially find a video on YouTube the deals with it. If you’ve made a really good video about a selected product there’s a good chance they may click through and get it from you. The time you took to study the product and make the video is rewarded with a sale. There is no better way than video marketing if you want to achieve success online.

Self Branding via an Attraction Marketing System

Like in the old days attraction marketing comes down to selling YOU, you set yourself up as being an expert about every aspect of your product. You can go about doing this many ways, by writing reviews, building a Squidoo lens, starting a Group on Facebook or building a blog or website, or making YouTube videos however you do it folk will start to know YOU.

Folks will then start to relate to you and if they like who they see they will trust you and be more inclined to buy something from you, because they like you.

One of the howlers that people make today is the way they write articles.

Many web marketers basically have people write their articles for them, and a few of these writers do not write English naturally, it is their 2nd language.

I have to congratulate them for their entrepreneurialism, but very often what they write is incomprehensible and full of spelling and grammatical errors, turning the reader off after 1 or 2 seconds.

When you select a product to promote and it is something you’re truly energized about, this may be reflected in the way you write about those products, and articles should be useful and conversational. Readers will be well placed to feel your zeal for the product and come away with a positive impression.

They are going to understand that you have put a lot of effort and time into researching and writing your pieces, and that enhances trust.

The Use of Multimedia in Attraction Marketing
MLM Funnel Ad 1a 600x252 Attraction Marketing System that Brands You

Article writing is just one little part of attraction marketing. Video is a far better medium and you definitely can’t hire someone who is living in the East to do that for you! By making a video you are right away branding yourself by showing your face. All successful marketing depends on attraction marketing and you will see that the most successful folks in your industry use it for promoting their businesses.

Everyone goes first to the Internet when they want to find out about a product they may have an interest in buying. Once they have eventually made up their minds what they’d like to buy they’re already pre-sold on that product.

If your internet site is one of the ones that the person has visited and you provided useful information to them, perhaps in the shape of a video or a review, then that person is likelier to purchase from you.

The Best Attraction Marketing System

Are you able to imagine working less than a couple all of hours a day to draw in a stream of highly qualified leads? Could you imagine personally sponsoring a dozen or so new team members each month without ever having to annoy the people you know, cold call, or talk to disinterested tire-kickers? Could you imagine finding a proven attraction marketing system that is sure to produce big results once you’ve taken a few easy steps?

Does this sound impossible? Well it’s not. What you actually need is the right team, the right coaching and an effective attraction marketing system that may work for you.

en Attraction Marketing System that Brands YouThe Empower Network is an effortless means to get started online. This process allows you to have instant access to online advertising, and split-second access to your commissions. If you are wanting to find out how to market online, make a ton of money, and create a load of leads, then you must join the Empower Network today!

Take Flight In MLM

Roy Harris

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Free Marketing Ideas that Work

Free Marketing Ideas that Work

freemarketingideas3 300x296 Free Marketing Ideas that Work

There are countless free marketing ideas that will provide help to get your business spotted online and some are also helpful for obtaining necessary back links to your website.

There are many millions of websites on the Web, and yours is simply a grain of sand on a huge beach, so by utilizing some free marketing ideas you can enhance your rankings, get more visitors and consequently raise your sales.

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial perspective and are working many interminable hours to make your business a big hit, you’ll potentially be one of hundreds of thousands of people doing a similar thing on a restricted budget. You have got to be creative to get you and your internet site noticed on the Web and fortunately there are many free techniques that you can use.


Seven Free Marketing Ideas

Get yourself out into the local community – that does not have to mean banging on neighbors doors! Perhaps you could do a couple of hours of community volunteering, or get yourself into a scenario where you can meet a lot of folk and hand out your business cards with your web address written on them. There’s a special way of approaching folk when you do promote your business off-line, just be natural and genial with people and do not force your business down their throats the moment you meet them.

Online marketing groups abound in the social networking world.

Join some and see which you like the best, with the most active partakers, pose questions and share your understanding with others.

Blogs are another part of social networking ; you can always find appropriate blogs by simply putting the keyword of your business into a browser along with the word “blog”. Again you must find the ones that interest you the most and have the most active partakers that to stay on topic. As with any social networking site, don’t simply jump in and start shouting about your business, no-one will take any notice of you, the only real way to become accepted is to offer helpful info and slowly become part of that blog’s marketing ideas2 300x233 Free Marketing Ideas that Work

Ensure you can leave a back-link to your site if you post a query or answer on any of these sites these are called “do follow” blogs. Share any info you deem acceptable on your blog.

Hopefully you’ve constructed a list from an opt-in form on your internet site ; you must offer freebies and incentives through email marketing to your customers. The word “free” is always a good carrot in these eventualities, but make sure everything you send out is useful, acceptable and of price to your customer. Folk will grow to trust you and may forward your e-mails to their friends thereby building your customer list.

Offer deductions or coupons if it is of course possible to folks who refer you or your products this is actually the basis of network marketing.

Keep your website Google-friendly, by adding informative info in the shape of articles frequently, and if you don’t have a blog attached to your website, add one, if you use WordPress it is possible to get plug-ins like Comment Luv, which is fundamentally a network of blogs that reward people who post with back links to their sites.

Always add fresh, high quality content like free marketing ideas.

You may also offer to exchange links with other similar businesses though not competitors. Google regards back links from other relevant sites as votes of confidence and will move your internet site up through the rankings the more that you can get.

There are simply a few free marketing ideas here there are many others, but these are the most helpful.

en Free Marketing Ideas that WorkThe Empower Network is an effortless means to get started online. This process allows you to have instant access to online advertising, and split-second access to your commissions. If you are wanting to find out how to market online, make a ton of money, and create a load of leads, then you must join the Empower Network today!

Take Flight In MLM

Roy Harris

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Drop Your Bag Of Bricks And Pick Up Your MLM Vision

Drop Your Bag Of Bricks And Pick Up Your MLM Vision

What is your current vision of your life?

Are you satisfied with that vision?

Now visualize the ultimate life?

What is the difference between the vision of where you are and that of the ultimate life?

What is the difference?

Why don’t they match?

Usually there are two reasons why they don’t match.

1) You cannot envision yourself in that position

2) You have no idea what steps to take that will get you there.

Joey Klein has worked with the White House. He launched a successful business and built a charity at the same time. He loves fast cars and is a 3 time champion martial artist. In his spare time he teaches kids. He encourages people to live extraordinary lives.

banghead Drop Your Bag Of Bricks And Pick Up Your MLM VisionMost people in the world try to affect their lives from the outside in. You can spend an entire lifetime banging your head against the wall trying to dial all those things into place and at the end if you’re lucky enough to achieve it you’ll realize it wasn’t worth anything.

Building powerful strong relationships is the corner stone for creating massive success not only in our businesses but in the rest of our lives. We aren’t taught in school the life skills needed to succeed and so it is not easy to come by. If every individual could continually stimulate their growth from the inside out this entire world would change.

If you take to heart the things we’re about to show you and utilize it in your life, you won’t just see the perception of your world change but will see things show up in your life that you never even imagined.

Pick something that is holding you back or something that you could improve in and start there. It could be that you’re undisciplined, the economy not clicking for you, fear, whatever it is get it in your mind.

All of your internal paths that show up in one aspect of your life will occur in all aspects. Shift the way you do things in that one aspect and a paradigm shift will occur. In all life there are forces positive and negative, the same is true in all individuals. In nature these forces must be kept in balance, as a higher being, we have the control within us as to the quantities of positive forces and negative forces we allow in our selves.

The negative force we will call “FEAR”, the positive force we will call the “INTUITIVE”. Within any given moment we are actively engaging life from one side or the other. Since any negative expression that shows up within us is an aspect of fear, to change that aspect, we must first identify it and become aware of it.

Envision yourself stripped of both the positive and negative and set them outside of your body. Put “Intuitive” behind you, because we usually never see it. It’s kind of like “The Force”.

Now, put your goal in front of you in the distance. Your goal could be an aspect of your business you want to improve upon, it could be a relationship in your life that you are trying to set straight. Between you and your goal, add all of the roadblocks that are preventing you from attaining that goal.

Are they “fear of success”,” fear of commitment”, “procrastination”???

What ever they are, line them up between you and your goal. It’s kind of difficult to even see the goal with all those roadblocks in the way. Now, name the things you see that are standing in your way and name the emotion behind them.

We are now going to gather up all of those emotions which are driving the roadblocks that are standing between you and your business/relationship. Pretend you have a backpack and each of those emotions is a brick in that backpack. You are carrying that backpack with your bricks every part of your day. How long do you think it will be before you want to take that backpack off? If it were a physical backpack, you would be taking it off right away. But it’s not, so we just keep carrying it around, some people are even proud of how heavy their backpack is.

They want to tell everybody.

When people talk about developing themselves, they normally work from the fear driven side, they try to knock down all the roadblocks standing between them and their goals. This is the hard way, as soon as you start knocking one down, another one pops up. This is why most people are never able to overcome a roadblock. They just give up. As an example; if you have a fear of using the phone, you just keep forcing yourself to use the phone, you will usually give up before you overcome the fear. People never think about elevating themselves by using their intuitive self to overcome the roadblock. When we create a problem from a certain aspect of consciousness and we do not elevate ourselves beyond the level of that consciousness in which it was created, we have no hope of finding the solution.

hugebackpack Drop Your Bag Of Bricks And Pick Up Your MLM VisionIf you are carrying so many bricks around in your backpack how effective can you be? If you don’t learn to dial yourself into your intuitive self then you will not succeed. What you practice, what you hone, is who you become. The way you do some things is the way you do all things.

When things start happening in your body and your emotions, an internal pattern is triggered from the outside world. This pattern dwells inside all of the time. If we start to accept the way we act, the way we feel, the things we do in our life we start to realize that it isn’t created by the outward things, but by you and that realization gives you the ability to change it. If you can become aware of this, you can practice honing your internal capacity and your life will change.

Start with one aspect. Fear, nervousness, overanalyzing, etc. Just work with the one over and over again and the others will begin to disappear.

Whatever you chose, get in touch with this expression, really get yourself around it, and you will begin to feel things. You can direct your emotional expression with your mind and break the patterns that lock you into failure.

Visualize and focus on your center, 3 inches below the bellybutton. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause. Don’t try to fight the noises just accept it all. From that space bring your attention back to those things that are blocking you in your life. Simply be aware of them. If you’re in a state of peacefulness, a transcendental state of being: you will begin noticing that the universe is flowing with you and the fear that was blocking you from your business/relationship is decreasing. If you do this consistently, every night and every day you will find it easier to overcome other fears in your life. When you connect with your center you can operate from your intuitive self.

This technique is simple and because it is simple most people will not see the power that it has. Simple things are easy not to do, but if you will use this technique, I promise that your life will change for the better and you will become the person you visualize yourself to be.

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