Free Marketing Ideas that Work

Free Marketing Ideas that Work

freemarketingideas3 300x296 Free Marketing Ideas that Work

There are countless free marketing ideas that will provide help to get your business spotted online and some are also helpful for obtaining necessary back links to your website.

There are many millions of websites on the Web, and yours is simply a grain of sand on a huge beach, so by utilizing some free marketing ideas you can enhance your rankings, get more visitors and consequently raise your sales.

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial perspective and are working many interminable hours to make your business a big hit, you’ll potentially be one of hundreds of thousands of people doing a similar thing on a restricted budget. You have got to be creative to get you and your internet site noticed on the Web and fortunately there are many free techniques that you can use.


Seven Free Marketing Ideas

Get yourself out into the local community – that does not have to mean banging on neighbors doors! Perhaps you could do a couple of hours of community volunteering, or get yourself into a scenario where you can meet a lot of folk and hand out your business cards with your web address written on them. There’s a special way of approaching folk when you do promote your business off-line, just be natural and genial with people and do not force your business down their throats the moment you meet them.

Online marketing groups abound in the social networking world.

Join some and see which you like the best, with the most active partakers, pose questions and share your understanding with others.

Blogs are another part of social networking ; you can always find appropriate blogs by simply putting the keyword of your business into a browser along with the word “blog”. Again you must find the ones that interest you the most and have the most active partakers that to stay on topic. As with any social networking site, don’t simply jump in and start shouting about your business, no-one will take any notice of you, the only real way to become accepted is to offer helpful info and slowly become part of that blog’s marketing ideas2 300x233 Free Marketing Ideas that Work

Ensure you can leave a back-link to your site if you post a query or answer on any of these sites these are called “do follow” blogs. Share any info you deem acceptable on your blog.

Hopefully you’ve constructed a list from an opt-in form on your internet site ; you must offer freebies and incentives through email marketing to your customers. The word “free” is always a good carrot in these eventualities, but make sure everything you send out is useful, acceptable and of price to your customer. Folk will grow to trust you and may forward your e-mails to their friends thereby building your customer list.

Offer deductions or coupons if it is of course possible to folks who refer you or your products this is actually the basis of network marketing.

Keep your website Google-friendly, by adding informative info in the shape of articles frequently, and if you don’t have a blog attached to your website, add one, if you use WordPress it is possible to get plug-ins like Comment Luv, which is fundamentally a network of blogs that reward people who post with back links to their sites.

Always add fresh, high quality content like free marketing ideas.

You may also offer to exchange links with other similar businesses though not competitors. Google regards back links from other relevant sites as votes of confidence and will move your internet site up through the rankings the more that you can get.

There are simply a few free marketing ideas here there are many others, but these are the most helpful.

en Free Marketing Ideas that WorkThe Empower Network is an effortless means to get started online. This process allows you to have instant access to online advertising, and split-second access to your commissions. If you are wanting to find out how to market online, make a ton of money, and create a load of leads, then you must join the Empower Network today!

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Drop Your Bag Of Bricks And Pick Up Your MLM Vision

Drop Your Bag Of Bricks And Pick Up Your MLM Vision

What is your current vision of your life?

Are you satisfied with that vision?

Now visualize the ultimate life?

What is the difference between the vision of where you are and that of the ultimate life?

What is the difference?

Why don’t they match?

Usually there are two reasons why they don’t match.

1) You cannot envision yourself in that position

2) You have no idea what steps to take that will get you there.

Joey Klein has worked with the White House. He launched a successful business and built a charity at the same time. He loves fast cars and is a 3 time champion martial artist. In his spare time he teaches kids. He encourages people to live extraordinary lives.

banghead Drop Your Bag Of Bricks And Pick Up Your MLM VisionMost people in the world try to affect their lives from the outside in. You can spend an entire lifetime banging your head against the wall trying to dial all those things into place and at the end if you’re lucky enough to achieve it you’ll realize it wasn’t worth anything.

Building powerful strong relationships is the corner stone for creating massive success not only in our businesses but in the rest of our lives. We aren’t taught in school the life skills needed to succeed and so it is not easy to come by. If every individual could continually stimulate their growth from the inside out this entire world would change.

If you take to heart the things we’re about to show you and utilize it in your life, you won’t just see the perception of your world change but will see things show up in your life that you never even imagined.

Pick something that is holding you back or something that you could improve in and start there. It could be that you’re undisciplined, the economy not clicking for you, fear, whatever it is get it in your mind.

All of your internal paths that show up in one aspect of your life will occur in all aspects. Shift the way you do things in that one aspect and a paradigm shift will occur. In all life there are forces positive and negative, the same is true in all individuals. In nature these forces must be kept in balance, as a higher being, we have the control within us as to the quantities of positive forces and negative forces we allow in our selves.

The negative force we will call “FEAR”, the positive force we will call the “INTUITIVE”. Within any given moment we are actively engaging life from one side or the other. Since any negative expression that shows up within us is an aspect of fear, to change that aspect, we must first identify it and become aware of it.

Envision yourself stripped of both the positive and negative and set them outside of your body. Put “Intuitive” behind you, because we usually never see it. It’s kind of like “The Force”.

Now, put your goal in front of you in the distance. Your goal could be an aspect of your business you want to improve upon, it could be a relationship in your life that you are trying to set straight. Between you and your goal, add all of the roadblocks that are preventing you from attaining that goal.

Are they “fear of success”,” fear of commitment”, “procrastination”???

What ever they are, line them up between you and your goal. It’s kind of difficult to even see the goal with all those roadblocks in the way. Now, name the things you see that are standing in your way and name the emotion behind them.

We are now going to gather up all of those emotions which are driving the roadblocks that are standing between you and your business/relationship. Pretend you have a backpack and each of those emotions is a brick in that backpack. You are carrying that backpack with your bricks every part of your day. How long do you think it will be before you want to take that backpack off? If it were a physical backpack, you would be taking it off right away. But it’s not, so we just keep carrying it around, some people are even proud of how heavy their backpack is.

They want to tell everybody.

When people talk about developing themselves, they normally work from the fear driven side, they try to knock down all the roadblocks standing between them and their goals. This is the hard way, as soon as you start knocking one down, another one pops up. This is why most people are never able to overcome a roadblock. They just give up. As an example; if you have a fear of using the phone, you just keep forcing yourself to use the phone, you will usually give up before you overcome the fear. People never think about elevating themselves by using their intuitive self to overcome the roadblock. When we create a problem from a certain aspect of consciousness and we do not elevate ourselves beyond the level of that consciousness in which it was created, we have no hope of finding the solution.

hugebackpack Drop Your Bag Of Bricks And Pick Up Your MLM VisionIf you are carrying so many bricks around in your backpack how effective can you be? If you don’t learn to dial yourself into your intuitive self then you will not succeed. What you practice, what you hone, is who you become. The way you do some things is the way you do all things.

When things start happening in your body and your emotions, an internal pattern is triggered from the outside world. This pattern dwells inside all of the time. If we start to accept the way we act, the way we feel, the things we do in our life we start to realize that it isn’t created by the outward things, but by you and that realization gives you the ability to change it. If you can become aware of this, you can practice honing your internal capacity and your life will change.

Start with one aspect. Fear, nervousness, overanalyzing, etc. Just work with the one over and over again and the others will begin to disappear.

Whatever you chose, get in touch with this expression, really get yourself around it, and you will begin to feel things. You can direct your emotional expression with your mind and break the patterns that lock you into failure.

Visualize and focus on your center, 3 inches below the bellybutton. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause. Don’t try to fight the noises just accept it all. From that space bring your attention back to those things that are blocking you in your life. Simply be aware of them. If you’re in a state of peacefulness, a transcendental state of being: you will begin noticing that the universe is flowing with you and the fear that was blocking you from your business/relationship is decreasing. If you do this consistently, every night and every day you will find it easier to overcome other fears in your life. When you connect with your center you can operate from your intuitive self.

This technique is simple and because it is simple most people will not see the power that it has. Simple things are easy not to do, but if you will use this technique, I promise that your life will change for the better and you will become the person you visualize yourself to be.

shakehands How To Sponsor 1 Rep Per Hour To Your Primary MLM BusinessHow To Sponsor 1 Rep Per Hour To Your Primary MLM Business

The number one skill that every person in MLM wants to know is how to bring in new reps to their business. In my last post I discussed why recruiting is pushed so much in MLM (Click Here to read: Why Is Recruiting Such A Big Deal In MLM?)

Now that we know why it’s so important I’m going to explain the easiest, fastest and least complicated way to sponsor a new rep into your business. You’ll be able to sponsor 1 rep per hour this way. (If not more as you smooth out these skills to match your personality and learn how to adapt them to the personality of the prospect you are talking to.)

Step 1 – Pick Up The Phone.

phone How To Sponsor 1 Rep Per Hour To Your Primary MLM Business

Come On! Even Kids Can Do It!

This is the hardest step in this process, because so many marketers are afraid of the phone an they start playing the “What if” game. “What if they ask me a question I don’t know the answer to?” or “What if they give me an objection?”

Let’s play a different “What if” game. “What if they like what they see and want to join?”

When the prospect answers the phone simply say “Hi (prospects name), this is Roy, how are you?”

It doesn’t matter if they are a lead you generated online, a new Facebook friend or someone that replied to an ad you placed. (Calling personal contacts that you know would take a different approach than this and is covered in this post: When To Approach Your Warm Market: Before Or After Your MLM Success?)

Because people inherently have a guard up and talk a bunch of fluff. People will not open up and tell you what they’re real needs are if they don’t like you and trust you.

Step 2 – Discover If You Can Help Them.

Ask questions. Ask them what was it they were looking for when they were on your website. Ask them what they were looking for when they connected on Facebook. Most likely they’re not going to tell you their real problem and what they need in their first answer.

You need to dig deeper to the root of their problem, but they won’t tell you until they trust you. This is why if you pitch them on anything or start babbling about your company or what you can do for them or who your upline is,,, you’re going to lose them. They won’t trust you because you didn’t get to know what they really need.

You need to ask more questions like:

  • “What have you been researching recently online?”
  • “What for?”
  • “What has recently changed in your life that has you looking at a home based business?”
  • “Tell me more about that.”
  • “If you had more money what would you use it for?”
  • “How much are you looking to make?”
  • “Why do you need that specific amount?”
  • “How would your life be different if you had that much extra money?”
  • “What would that give you that you don’t have now?”

Don’t be a robot and just read these questions off like a telemarketer trying to upsell them on car insurance. You need to LISTEN to their answers. Because when they get to the root of what they really NEED, there will be a shift in their tone. If you were with them in person you would see a change in their physical movement, they would lean towards you.

You need to know what they want and why they want it and you have to believe in what you have to offer and that it will truly help them achieve what they are after. This really only takes about 5 minutes on the phone with them. (Any more than 15 and you’re doing too much talking!)

Step 3 – Get Them To Watch A Presentation.

blog reader How To Sponsor 1 Rep Per Hour To Your Primary MLM BusinessThis seems to be where a lot of marketers get hung up. They send an email with a link to their prospect and the prospect always gets too busy to watch it. Well that’s their mistake, they send it in an email so that they prospect can watch it at their leisure.

You’ve already got them on the phone, so you’re going to ask these questions right now.

1. “If I could show you how to make that extra $_____ per month so that you could _____________, is there anything else that you would need to know to get started?

(fill in the blanks with the answers they GAVE you!)

2. “Are you in front of a computer right now?

(If you’ve called them back fast enough they’re probably still in front of their computer, if they’re not ask if they can get in front of one, or when they can be in front of one.)

Give them the link, make sure the page loads for them, have them pause the video. Then say:

Here’s what we’re going to do next, watch that video and I’ll call you back in 20 minutes and we’ll talk for another 5 minutes or so, sound fair?

(Obviously if the video you sent them too is longer or shorter than 20 minutes you need to change the length of time.)

And that’s how you get people to watch a presentation, and you’ve also solved the problem of never being able to get ahold of someone again because you’re going to be calling them as soon as they are finished watching it.

Now for the final step. If you’ve done everything listed above and you’ve gotten to the root of what they are looking for in a business the final step is a piece of cake.

Step 4 – Call Them Back

Ask these questions in this order:

  1. “What did you like best about what you saw?”
  2. “Tell me more about that,,, why specifically did you like that?”
  3. “I remember earlier you told me you wanted to make $______ so you could _________, do you see how working with me and my team can make that happen for you?”
  4. “Do you want to make a little or a lot?”
  5. “Sounds like you’re ready to get started.”

Number 5 isn’t a question, it’s a statement, because at this point it DOES sound like they’re ready to get started.

All that’s left is to have them fill out the sign up form, which you can even do for them over the phone and fill in information while you keep the conversation going.

This entire process just took less than 1 hour to complete.

highfive How To Sponsor 1 Rep Per Hour To Your Primary MLM BusinessIf you stagger your phone calls you could actually accomplish more than 1 per hour, but let’s not get greedy, the most important thing is to be able to manage your time so that you can actually help people accomplish their goals that they confided in you.

This method of needs based sponsoring is not a new concept, I certainly can’t take credit for creating it. This is a method for sponsoring that has been tested and proven within the team of marketers I work with. Which we all learned from the #1 recruiter in our company. (Click Here to hear the original training for using Needs Based Sponsoring)

If you’re looking for a team with leadership that will not only train you on how to build an MLM, but also allow you to share that information to be able to train others then click on “Work With Roy Harris”.


And I’m curious to hear some feedback, if you were to bring in one person to your MLM per hour, how much would you make per hour off of the initial commission alone?

Success in Network Marketing is Not a Matter of Luck

Success in Network Marketing is Not a Matter of Luck

Success in network marketing can only be achieved by tough work dedication and a number of other factor too.success in multi level marketing 300x300  Success in Network Marketing is Not a Matter of Luck

If you are going to be a success in network marketing you should understand direct from the beginning this is a job, not some idle entertainment or past-time.

You need to dedicate yourself from day one, and work regularly toward your ambitions.

But what are your targets – do you even know? Many folks wander thru their whole lives without any definite goal under consideration. Somebody once conducted a survey among college kids. They were asked what their goals were.

Many of the scholars had not got any idea what their goals were, and others were vague, only 3% had basically got definite goals that they had written down and were moving towards, even in their varsity years.

Ten years after the same scholars were interviewed again. You probably won’t be shocked to discover that those 3 p.c. were 10 times wealthier than the others who had no clue where they were going in life; they were well on their way to achieving their ultimate goals.

Success In Network Marketing-Goals are Critical in Network Marketing

It may seem mad, but just note down your goals. Is it not relevant how old you are . Network marketing truly doesn’t care about your age. If you try hard you can be terribly successful in a matter of a couple of years, and then enjoy a rather more cosy retirement.

Organize yourself. Write your targets in big letters and put them above your desk. Get everything organized.

Decide how many hours each day you can dedicate to your business, and how many days a week. If you currently have a steady job, being realistic is more important, you have to develop discipline as fast as you get home, and not watch the television instead of working. That’s not to say that you will give up your social life, it just means that those hours you put aside for your business, will be for exactly that. Keep looking at those goals every day. Even if you can only work a couple of hours every night, stick to those, do not become distracted.

Success in Network Marketing Techniquessuccessful people in life 300x225  Success in Network Marketing is Not a Matter of Luck

You need to follow certain definite steps when you start your network marketing business and those steps are part of a system. Following a system is very important, and finding the right system that can work for you is crucial.

Don’t be persuaded to purchase any off the supposed guru courses that you could find, these people are full of theory, but have never done network marketing in practice.

The best folk to learn from are those who have made their lives in network marketing and became highly wealthy in the midst.

The basis of network marketing is to appreciate and practice big direct response marketing which generates leads.

This is attraction marketing in action. Think about leads. Think about branding. And focus on expanding your business, and not only a downline.

If you follow the right system you may create as many leads as you need, and thousands of dollars in the midst and sign up folks day in and day out – this may be done by promoting just one massive attraction marketing funnel.

Follow this link for more info.

en  Success in Network Marketing is Not a Matter of LuckThe Empower Network is an effortless means to get started online. This process allows you to have instant access to online advertising, and split-second access to your commissions. If you are wanting to find out how to market online, make a ton of money, and create a load of leads, then you must join the Empower Network today!

Take Flight In MLM

Roy Harris

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What Really Matters About Blog Backlinking?

backlinkchain What Really Matters About Blog Backlinking?What Really Matters About Blog Backlinking?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is like a black box to most marketers. As we discussed in the last blog, it took two rocket scientists from MIT to create the SEO Mastermind software that really teaches the ins and outs of SEO. However the basics of SEO are very simplistic. You have the on page factors discussed in the last blog and today we’ll discuss the second major determination for your SEO ranking; links. You can have the greatest keywords, freshest content, internal linking, complete Meta description tags and everything else for your site but if there are no outside links you can only rank so high on the search engines. Essentially Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos have split their company in half. They handle the on page items and have turned over the linking side to Joe O’Day and Ramiro Ceballos, Ferney’s brother. By the way, Ferney wouldn’t interview his brother, he made Ray do it.

Fresh out of college, Ramiro Ceballos was very excited to join the rat race. He was working 50 – 60 hour weeks without a weekend off, and began to think there was something wrong with this picture. When his brother Ferny mentioned there was a spot open at their company he applied. Ray put him through three grueling interviews before he would hire him. As soon as he was hired he was given a million dollar account and told “Don’t screw this up.” A year later, Ray and Ferny now go to him with questions about linking.

So what is linking? Linking is like a vote. It’s a back link to your website from other sites.

backlinks 300x166 What Really Matters About Blog Backlinking?

What really matters about linking?

1. Trust and authority in the host domain: The more links you have from trusted sites, the more trustworthy your site becomes and the higher up you’ll be ranked.
2. Link popularity: The more links you have to all of the subpages on your site the higher your rankings are.
3. Anchor text of your external links: Links to your content.

Linking covers 66% of your efforts. It may provide some traffic, but the more links you have the higher you’ll be ranked which will bring you more traffic.

You can’t get links if you have a garbage website, you need quality content to get quality links and to make money from your site you must have “Site Engagement”. This essentially is good copywriting. People need a reason to go to your site and stay on your site. Good site engagement will bring a higher click through ratio therefore more links you don’t have to work for.

There are three pillars of linking, all of which are important.

1. Quality – Some links are better than others. It used to be you could look at page rank to determine if it was a good place to have a link from, but it’s not really a reliable indicator anymore. Instead, look at the number of links these sites have. If they have a lot of links they’re probably a good site. But they might be all bad links. You’ll know it when you see it. If the links have horrible grammar and look terrible then you know they’re not good links.

2. Quantity – Obviously the more links you get the better.

3. Diversity – You can have ten links from one site or one link from ten sites. Having ten links from one site Google sees as basically one link.

Now you’re probably thinking, this sounds easy, but here’s where most people run into a problem. They go to put up links and get one on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and any other sites they might have. You get to 5 or six links and wonder “Where do I go from here?”

tribepro 180x300 What Really Matters About Blog Backlinking?Here are a few ideas:

  • Guest blog posting – Find someone with a website and you can do guest blogs on each other’s sites.
  • – This is a site that you can enter blogging contests. They rank the blogs and link to all of the sites.
  • Use sites like to bring thousands of links to your blog.
  • Articles – You can link out to several sites in the same article.
  • Press Release sites – Write a good article. It doesn’t have to be super copy just make sure all the words are spelled correctly. Save the really well done articles for your own site.
  • Social Media – Google is putting a lot of emphasis on social ranking. They see how powerful social media is and are beginning to factor in your social circle to your search engine findings.
  • Video – Make your video links point back to your site. You need your link in your description to do this. Use sites like YouTube and

Getting links can be hard, but the skill isn’t difficult to learn, it just takes time. Take the time to do the work and it will pay off.

Since these areas are critical to your sites existence and will determine if you make any money from your site. I would highly recommend going to Ray and Ferny’s homepage at for your on page support and to for help with your links. I make no money from these recommendations but wouldn’t mind if you let them know who sent you.

Next time we’ll find out how you can build your business and make lifelong partnerships while staying at home in your bathrobe. Jackie Ulmer is a long time marketer and an expert on Social Media Marketing.

Best Practice to Produce a MLM Network Marketing Lead

mlmleads2 Best Practice to Produce a MLM Network Marketing LeadIt’s easy to get and MLM social marketing lead just about anywhere nowadays and if you are just starting out in network marketing you’ll probably jump for joy. Yes it is a start whether or not it’s your grandmother but social marketing and getting MLM leads will take a lot of effort at the start. The best way is to get a good sponsored offer system like My Lead System Pro, which not only gives you the ability to generate many leads but also enables you to generate revenue while you are building your list.

A Funded Offer System – Earn While you Learn

Understand that what you want are highly qualified leads or hot leads they’re going to give you a much better investment return. Even if you’re creating leads online from whatever source you find best, social selling, by utilizing opt in boxes on your blogs or web sites, thru the use of SEO to draw in organic leads whatever it takes nearly as much time to get a hot lead as it does a stone cold lead!

Sell YOU First, Product 2nd

By building trust, folks will start to come to you. A great way to build that trust is by giving away free information and anything else you can, depending on your service. If you’ve a blog, ensure you answer everybody’s questions directly and be courteous, even if somebody’s being a royal agony.

It is not going to occur overnight and if you are truly need some cashflow to keep you going, you may look at a great sponsored offer system like Empower Network.

What to Do with a Good M.L.M Selling Lead

Qualified leads are people who are already enthusiastic about your opportunity and might have made contact with you without delay thru your internet site. They are already sold on the idea of internet marketing, and they are doubtless having a look at your opportunity together with a number of others. Do not put these folk on the back burner and fret about the closing process as you are already halfway there.

They may need more information – give it to them. You could have got their telephone number thru your lead capture page, so go on and call them. There’s little to be fearful of, although many new network marketers are scared to screw up this last step in the sales process.

There’s no real need to spend money on purchasing leads. What you’ll get is a ton of work without anything to show. Learn the way to generate your own highly qualified Mlm social marketing lead and you will be fine.
Take Flight In MLM

Roy Harris

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Marketing on Facebook Tricks

Marketing on Facebook Tricks

web marketing on facebook 300x281 Marketing on Facebook Tricks

Getting Your Face Known on Facebook

Facebook has changed into a arena of its own online and selling on Facebook is crucial nowadays.

The place where we could find lost friends and communicate easily with our favorite folks, and see pictures of out favorite stars has changed a lot since it started. Facebook has turned into a giant shopping mall, like it or do not like it there are huge possibilities for each online marketing business on Facebook with 700 million potential customers.

Advertising and promoting on Facebook is intense stuff, and there are a number of guidelines for achieving traffic and funneling it through to your internet business to generate revenue. You can achieve this by simply being involved in Facebook Groups and developing a page for your business venture, or you now have the ability to also pay out to publicize to very well-targeted demographic groups. Do not accept that the sole people on Facebook are youngsters. That isn’t the case. Continuously increasing numbers of older folks are utilizing Facebook for any numbers of motives. Certainly buying items is perhaps not their first reason, though several folks who use Facebook are starting to use it just as they could the web as a whole – for support and info.

Don’t forget to open a PAGE as a part of your Facebook company promoting plans and certainly not a profile. If you do you will finish up breaking Facebook’s Service Terms.

Marketing on Facebook-Selling Your BusinessMarketing via Facebook Always a Profitable Idea1 300x297 Marketing on Facebook Tricks

Advertising and selling your enterprise by using a social networking platform like Facebook requires a bigger washing list of things to do than I’m able to provide you with here, Facebook is consistently updating and altering its regulations. The essence of any online community is being interpersonal, so it’s a method in which you are probably going to be continually occupied with your fans, giving answers to questions and leaving favorable and useful content.

Use your company emblem if you have one so your product becomes familiar. If you are an affiliate or niche marketing expert, feature an excellent picture of yourself looking most appropriate to your business. If you sell organic produce you don’t have to wear a suit perhaps some clean overalls. 1st impressions are essential – just imagine you are in a great party packed with prominent folks. You represent yourself competently and communicate as much as you’re able to win new buddies, and in this social situation, Fans. You can share data with them by publishing photos, educational videos, status updates, holding dialogues and exhibiting wall posts or running contests.

Pages may be able to be seen to everybody online and are usually better for long term relations with your fans, readers or buyers. Facebook Events can help you talk with your audience and ask them to your competitions, even though they are not one of your fans.

Marketing on Facebook -Did I hear Content is King Again?

Just like a business site it’s a must to keep adding more articles or posts to keep your Fans’ attention. It’s a wonderful location for folk to ask about your items and post customer feedback. You may find as fast as your internet site has reached a definite number of visitors it can be difficult to always keep under control.

You want to deal with your fans concerns in a timely manner, but I imagine you do not plan to be on your Facebook page full-time, which can simply occur because you may have fans from all around the globe. Look in to the best ways for promoting on Facebook today.

en Marketing on Facebook TricksThe Empower Network is an effortless means to get started online. This process allows you to have instant access to online advertising, and split-second access to your commissions. If you are wanting to find out how to market online, make a ton of money, and create a load of leads, then you must join the Empower Network today!

Take Flight In MLM

Roy Harris

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Social Network Marketing Where Is It Going?

Social Network Marketing Where Is It Going?

advertising3 Social Network Marketing Where Is It Going?Social network marketing is beginning to become one of the most successful techniques to earn income on the Web today.

Some people are already making important incomes, while some of the others are getting nowhere with their efforts.

If you’re yet to join in the social media marketing madness, there are number of things that you should really know before you enter into this competitive market-place.

You want A Strategy in Social Network Marketing

One of the first things you need to do is to take a look at what your competition is doing on social media sites, call it spying whatever, find out what they are doing. You’ll find numerous names popping up all the time, and those are the successful ones who you ought to be following. Social networking is similar to cultivating friendships off-line, you stay in contact and you spend long hours with these people and learn about them. Unlike a stand alone website, it’s all about interaction. The word “social” means exactly that.

choose Social Network Marketing Where Is It Going?It’s real folk that you are coping with and others want to see you’re also a genuine person, you have got to build relationships and ultimately, just like building off-line friendships, folks will learn to trust you.

If you have got a personal Facebook page where you are interacting with your friends all the time, you will understand that interaction, you are being social.

If you’d like to establish a business on Facebook for instance, then it is a good idea to keep your business completely separate from your private website page. No one is going to take your business seriously if you buddies post things like “yeah great party yesterday evening, you were drunk as hell.”

See what I mean? What quantity of people are going to get something from you if they believe that you are an alcoholic? So keep it separate and brand yourself, even if it suggests you have a business persona and a totally different social personality.

Social Network Marketing Using Video

There are many billions of hits on videos every day on YouTube, it is one of the most well liked social media marketing platforms today, and many of us make giant incomes from posting videos, so it’s critical that you learn how to make good videos that show you in them. If you abhor being in front of a camera then unfortunately you are just going to get used to it, and if you do not know how to make a video then you will have to learn. There are dozens of websites that give instructions – video marketing is becoming so important these days, both on social media sites, blogs and internet sites.

Video is the Internet’s answer to old skool face-to-face marketing, remember those people that used to stand in malls and demonstrate products, and ladies who used to have Tupperware parties at home?

Social marketing is Just Attraction Marketing

To attract people you have to show your face so you should be smiling. Posting a photograph of something aside from you, isn’t going to work.

People wish to know you, who you are and what you are about. Yes you will get into a little of that if you push your business thru social network sites, but keep you and your business character separate, just use enough of the real you to attract folks to you and cut out the chit chat.

This is your business and your livelihood after all.

There’s a skill to social network marketing, and remember you do this to generate qualified leads. You are practicing attraction marketing. Think about those leads. Think about branding yourself.

You are not socializing here as such, you are creating a business.

When you start to know how to do it right, you will be able to create enough leads on demand to have a successful business and pocket thousands of greenbacks in commissions, and you will also be able to enroll many people a lot more than some can sign up in a year, by simply having a system that promotes a huge online social network marketing lead generation plan.

It’s time to become the business person you wish to be, and attract all the free mlm leads you want straight to you.

Empower Network could be for you.

Take Flight In MLM

Roy Harris

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Market America Inc – A Closer Look Within the Opportunity

teamwork Market America Incorporated   Are You Able To Still Make Money?You are thinking whether or not to get involved with Market America Inc and are doing your due research. The program looks to have promise.

Then you begin to notice a lot of “marketing America review” results on the search websites. Should you be anxious? Is Market America on the up-and-up or should you avoid it?

On the Market America Incorporated. Site you will find that out the company was set up back in 1992 by a pair called JR Ridinger and his better half Loren. The company is a retailer of consumable beauty products and health additions. The bulk of their marketing is done online, and also by employing a structure of marketing distributors.

Their warehouse is found in Greensboro North Carolina, and they have shipped over $3 billion worth of products from their up to the minute facility, which employs approximately 500 folk across the planet with operations in Australia, the Far East and Canada.

Negative Marketing America Reviews

When looking at the positive financials off Market America Incorporated, it is blazingly obvious that a few of these negative reviews are posted by discontented distributors who failed to earn money. Many of these so-called reviews are labeled in a negative fashion, but the titles of many of these sites are simply a hook to pique peoples interest so they can click through.

teamwork1 Market America Incorporated   Are You Able To Still Make Money?Whoever wrote these reviews quickly changes tack and goes on to assert that Market America Inc. Offers a program opportunity to improve peoples lives and financial footing, and of course there is a Market America banner or link you can click which inspires you to join the writer’s team.

There are nearly two hundred thousand distributors worldwide promoting Market America’s products and these are infrequently called “unfranchised” entrepreneurs. Since the corporation’s inception they have paid out over $2 bill to distributors, and over $1 billion has been paid in retail commissions. As with any network marketing opportunity, many distributors don’t make any money.

With any network marketing opportunity if you do not work, you do not get paid. Any reviews you find about unhappy ex-distributors, you may be sure they didn’t work at building their companies, so that you can just about disregard these reviews.

As with the bulk of network marketing opportunities, Market America needs a minimum monthly purchase before your business can accrue and be paid commissions. To receive full commissions the distributor has to buy two hundred BV worth of products. Business volume or BV is figured out at eighty percent for each one dollar you spend on wholesale goods.

You have the opportunity to earn a commission on every retail product sold, and also commission for business volume sold either by you or your downline. The compensation plan is easy to realise it’s a binary plan, you recruit 2 folk, and those 2 folk induct to others underneath them. By balancing the “legs” of this plan, you start to earn commissions once volume needs are reached.

Are you Prepared to Fully commit to Running your own Business?

confident woman Market America Incorporated   Are You Able To Still Make Money?Market America Inc. Is indeed a legit a successful company who offer evergreen products, with a simple compensation plan with worldwide distribution. The caveat is that although this company’s opportunity may look right for you and your folks, there are certain things you have to understand.

It is inconsequential what the sponsor tells you about Market America’s opportunity, any network marketing business involves marketing not only product, but building a downline and presenting the opportunity to countless others. If you don’t go out and pitch the products, nobody makes any money. These products have to be marketed to the overall public. Unless you are successful, nobody will have an interest in joining your business till you are literally capable of marketing it efficiently.

So this is the query, what are your plans for marketing, advertising and promoting your new business? Once you’ve run out of people you know to market the product to, what will you do next? Do you really have any marketing or sales experience? Have you any idea as to how to market the company and its products effectively? Do you know ways to drive quality traffic to an online site?

These are all basic questions you need to ask, because although Market America’s opportunity may appear perfect, it may only be a big hit if you’ve got the will to work at it.

Generate your own qualified leads and learn to market and get sales within Empower Network. Click Here and take action to build your business!

Take Flight In MLM

Roy Harris

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What is an MLM Binary Plan?

MLM Binary Compensation Plans

binary1  What is an MLM Binary Plan?You have checked everything out and you believe you are almost ready to start your MLM or internet marketing business. But when they were talking about compensation the phrase” MLM binary plan” came up and although you tried to look smart you had no idea what it meant.

You’re not the only one. MLM compensation plans look like they were created by maths PhD’s and seem to be exceptionally complex. Though on the surface they may look difficult, but if you sit down with someone who knows about them they are easy to figure out.

Here’s what an MLM Binary Plan is

As everyone knows binary means 2. So in this plan everything comprises of two. When you start your new business part of that business will be to find other people who will want to join your opportunity, and you will go out and find those two folks at first.

After you sign these 2 folk up they are going to be what is called your front line. As you are working in an MLM binary plan you can only hire 2 folks and those two people can only induct two folks each. That’s it. Less than 2.

So now your business consists of you and two. Fred and Sally.

And in the ultimate world both Fred and Sally would now sponsor 2 who sponsor two who sponsor 2, etc, and everybody gets rich beyond their most extravagant dreams. sadly, we reside in real life and chances are Fred and Sally won’t do to much of anything whatsoever .

So now you’ve got to go and find some new people to replace them, but you can’t substitute Mary and Jane with your new recruits they have to be put under either Mary or Jane or one induct under each. It’s your decision.

What’s MLM Binary Plan Spillover?

binaryspillover  What is an MLM Binary Plan?So now your new sign ups are under Mary or Jane ( or both ), which means that Mary and Jane got what is called binary spillover or up line spillover. In effect you have aided Mary and Jane in building the first leg of their business based on your recruiting efforts. One of the most important benefits of the MLM binary plan is that if you have folks above you, i.e, an active upline, they can actually assist you in building your part of the business.

You don’t stop there, you still need to continue to sponsor and hire lots of folks and keep balancing the 2 legs of the plan with the right folks because most plans only pay a commission when the product volumes balance.

You will enjoy lots of spillover, but you will only be compensated when you keep adding new folks.

So that’s the query you actually should be asking.

binary2  What is an MLM Binary Plan?Not is an mlm binary plan best for you but , rather, How will you go about promoting your new business? What, in particular, is your plan to promote your products, services and opportunity?

What type of budget have you got for advertising and selling?

Have you considered employing a lead generation system, which by the use of attraction marketing should help to explode your business.

Are you also aware that in MLM you’ll be looked up to as a leader by your downline, they’re going to expect you to help them with their business and to achieve their goals. Many folks make plenty of money in the MLM business, so really it is not the compensation plan that’s critical.

Your principal concern will be the right way to build your business quickly and effectively.

Take Flight In MLM

Roy Harris

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