expired MLM Systems Become Outdated But Providing Value Is TimelessMLM Systems Become Outdated But Providing Value Is Timeless

Our second speaker at the No Excuses Summit was Mike Klingler, his topic is called “THE VALUE
FACTOR” in network marketing.  Click Here to read about the first speaker Ray Higdon. (It will open in
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MIKE KLINGLER worked in the network marketing business for 14 years before breaking through and making millions. For most of those years, like most of us, it was a matter of trial and error, and lots of procrastinating.

He kept going through this cycle that most network marketers are way too familiar with; get pumped up, call a lot of people, get them to meetings, possibly even get them signed up, only to find they aren’t duplicating. This caused him to wonder, “What’s the point”, which brought on the dreaded disease, procrastination.

procrastinate1 MLM Systems Become Outdated But Providing Value Is TimelessRather than letting procrastination take over, Mike studied this phenomenon, finally figuring out that procrastination is the body and the brain telling him to stop being stupid. Something about the process isn’t working. Once he figured that out he put together a system where instead of 80% not doing anything, 80% were duplicating. At least until all the leads in the U.S. and Canada were bought up and the system died a few years later. At that point he realized that systems won’t work forever. They have a time limit, and we must keep that in mind.

But how many people are looking for that system, that step-by-step guide that will show them how to make a million dollars in the next year? What Mike finally discovered was that no system will provide long term success. The only path to true and lasting success is the concept of “The VALUE Factor”. He found that by providing more value to the marketplace, people actually sought him out. The more value he provided, the more success he had in his business. The other way he changed his business was by

How does all this relate to you and me? Do you know what posturing is? It’s when people see you as valuable because of the way you look, act, or things you have. Act like a leader and people will see you as a leader.

So how do you act like a leader? What are the leaders doing that you aren’t duplicating?

brightidea MLM Systems Become Outdated But Providing Value Is TimelessThey’re creating things. They don’t just follow others, they position themselves somewhere people see them as the authority. So why not you? Why aren’t you doing these things? You have the ability to do all the things the leaders do.

Let’s try this. Imagine for a moment that you have a group of 10,000 people on your list. Every day you send them something useful, something they can learn from and expand their horizons with. When you tell them to join your team do you think they will? Of course! They trust you. You’ve provided them VALUE for a long time and they will jump at the chance to work with you.

Do you need a lot of experience to make this work? No! Hundreds of twenty year olds are out there making fortunes, not because they have experience but because they were willing to try.

So how do you create value that isn’t just old tripe someone else has already told everyone?

Well first this needs to be about you. Whatever value you give has to be authentic. If you don’t get
in touch with the real you it won’t be attractive and it won’t draw others in. You need to enjoy it, get excited about what you’re doing. Never leave who you are or what you love and you’ll get going. Find your comfort zone, your people, your space. You can learn skills, strategies, speaking, etc, but in the end it’s about you and your audience.

Merge yourself into your unique value. Who am I and what am I about? How can you merge this in your business? If you aren’t asking these questions, thinking about them, then this unique value will not develop. When your audience can see the real you they will be attracted to you.

beyourself MLM Systems Become Outdated But Providing Value Is TimelessIt’s all about KNOWING WHO YOU ARE.

People are drawn to value. It will forever be a struggle until you can create value of your own.

So ask yourself:

What’s important to me?

What am I all about, naturally, authentically?

Who’s my target audience?

How does it connect with my business?

What distinguishes me?

When you can answer these questions your entire world begins to open up. For some the answer is instantaneous. That one little moment of clarity makes the knotted paths smooth, and everything else falls away. You know who you are, and what you want. It may not come so easily for others, but if you want to succeed you MUST find the answers.

Once you know who you are, your target audience, what distinguishes you, etc. how do you know what to create?

What’s your job experience? This is where you start with figuring out what you’re all about and what you can offer. Merge your value with experience.

Ask questions. Questions are your bridge to new territory. When you aren’t asking questions or you’re asking the wrong questions you’ll be going in squiggly lines that get you nowhere. Ask the right questions and start to answer them and your path will straighten out before you.

Next time we will be talking about Mark Hoverson and Direct Response. Would you like to speak in front of people and have them clap and give you a high five, or clap and give you $5000? This is direct response. Click Here to read the next post.