hollywood Six Sexy Hollywood Secrets For High Conversion Video MarketingSix Sexy Hollywood Secrets For High Conversion Video Marketing

Our presentation today is from a very eclectic pair. Didi Alcheva came to this country less than 6 years ago and immediately jumped into the network marketing industry. She worked with people like Mark Hoverson, Mike Klingler, and Ann Sieg, helping them with multimillion dollar product launches.

Glenn Arcaro worked in Hollywood for 11 years. He produced Survivor, The Bachelor, and The Real World among others. While working on these films he realized that keeping people glued to their seats and forming their lives around these shows was just incredible marketing. Now he works helping entrepreneurs make videos that will brand not only their businesses, but their name and their life.

Glenn and Didi got together to form a partnership less than a year ago, and have since formed groups like Social Media Buzz with Video on Facebook, and recently had a $40,000 month with one product launch.

videoreel Six Sexy Hollywood Secrets For High Conversion Video MarketingWhy video marketing?

Simply put, it’s the best way to stand apart and form a connection with your audience. Even people, who have nothing to sell use video to stand apart, just look at “YouTube”. Videos are everywhere, the internet is packed full of people who use them to show everything from their lives to their products, unfortunately most are doing it wrong. Glenn, as one of the top TV and movie producers and an expert at knowing how to manipulate an audience with video, was just appalled by what he saw. People using video to sell had no idea how to direct an audience nor positioned to actually make those sales.

How are you going to position your videos so they capture leads and generate money for you?

Branding; huge passionate productions, communicating who you are and why you do what you do. Most people do not have a branding video and those that do are not as effective as they could be.

The few people who do have a good branding video have spent anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 to have a professional crew craft it for them, and taken three months to have it filmed. We’re guessing most of you don’t have that of money to spend.

Other than a six man crew and the fancy equipment, what really separates the big production videos from the video you can produce at home?

1. Feelings – Producers know how to extract and influence an audience viaThese people know how to influence how someone feels as they watch the video.

2. Music – Have you ever listened to music and had it invoke an emotional response? Hollywood uses this tactic constantly. They use it to invoke suspense, happiness, sadness, etc. Next time you watch a movie notice when the music plays and how it makes you feel. Study this and you’ll learn when to use it, and what to use in your own videos.

3. Stories – Stories show the wear and tear from the fabric of our lives, and incorporating your story into a video is the method the big producers use to connect an audience to the characters in a play. When you tell your story with video, your audience will connect with you.

4. Location – Sometimes location is key. If you’re standing in front of a beat up old house, or a place covered in trash it’s going to create a very different feel than if you’re in front of a clean, beautiful lawn.

5. Lighting – If you have bad lighting that feeling you’re trying to invoke with location isn’t going to matter much, because they won’t be able to see it.

6. Sound – Above all this is one of the most important aspects. If your audience can’t hear the video they won’t bother watching it.

videoguy Six Sexy Hollywood Secrets For High Conversion Video MarketingLearn to create the emotional triggers you’re looking for in your audience and you will start to see a major difference in the way your videos are looked at, and the responses they elicit from those people you are targeting.

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