engineersuccess Engineering Your Network Marketing SuccessEngineering Your Network Marketing Success

20 years of engineering experience allowed me a unique perspective into working in the Network Marketing Industry. In engineering you need to know the end before you even begin. My personal experience as an engineer at Boeing is dealing with planes. There is a process for each plane and a lot of planning that occurs; the design, the controls, the technical and electronics aspects, and hundreds of other processes and layouts for the plane. From that point it is tasked out to the people who are going to do the work.

Essentially we are figuring out the end and working our way backwards. There is no way to build a plane by just winging it and figuring it out as you go, otherwise every plane would be different and millions of dollars would be spent on building a plane that may or may not even fly.

He Who Fails To Plan, Plans To Fail

In Network Marketing it works the same, the end is where you begin and then you work your way backwards. If you don’t know what you want to have at the end, how can you know where to begin?

Mark Yarnell is a Network Marketing legend. He’s laid it out pretty simple. If you want to make $100,000 per month in Network Marketing you need to be talking to 30 people per day.  He took his end goal and worked the steps backwards to what he needs to do TODAY.  Not what he needs to do next week or next month, what needs to be done TODAY.

“This sector is the hardest work I’ve ever completed,
which is exactly why the top producers in Network Marketing make a lot more than a classic job.
If somebody wants to succeed in this marketplace, t
hey will need to speak to a minimum of 30 people per day and
either try to sell them goods or recruit them into their opportunity.” ~ Mark Yarnell

What is your income goal?

From that income goal start working backwards through the process until you come across the most basic and simple thing that you can do RIGHT NOW to take the first step towards that goal.

steps Engineering Your Network Marketing SuccessKnowing HOW to perform each step in the process isn’t essential for taking the first step, but you need to know where you’re going so you know where to place your next step!

Is planning out your result going to make it easier to figure out how to get there?  Is it going to allow you to know the first step? And then the next?  OH Definitely!

markyarnell Engineering Your Network Marketing SuccessSo if you want to engineer your Network Marketing success, take my advice (from an engineer) that planning where you want to be in (Fill in the Blank) years making (Fill in the blank dollar amount) per month (or year) and then work your way backwards to design it to what you want your life to look like!

Need more guidance for laying out your success plan? Learn what to do in your first year of Network Marketing from the master Mark Yarnell in his book: Your First Year In Network Marketing