Drop Your Bag Of Bricks And Pick Up Your MLM Vision

What is your current vision of your life?

Are you satisfied with that vision?

Now visualize the ultimate life?

What is the difference between the vision of where you are and that of the ultimate life?

What is the difference?

Why don’t they match?

Usually there are two reasons why they don’t match.

1) You cannot envision yourself in that position

2) You have no idea what steps to take that will get you there.

Joey Klein has worked with the White House. He launched a successful business and built a charity at the same time. He loves fast cars and is a 3 time champion martial artist. In his spare time he teaches kids. He encourages people to live extraordinary lives.

banghead Drop Your Bag Of Bricks And Pick Up Your MLM VisionMost people in the world try to affect their lives from the outside in. You can spend an entire lifetime banging your head against the wall trying to dial all those things into place and at the end if you’re lucky enough to achieve it you’ll realize it wasn’t worth anything.

Building powerful strong relationships is the corner stone for creating massive success not only in our businesses but in the rest of our lives. We aren’t taught in school the life skills needed to succeed and so it is not easy to come by. If every individual could continually stimulate their growth from the inside out this entire world would change.

If you take to heart the things we’re about to show you and utilize it in your life, you won’t just see the perception of your world change but will see things show up in your life that you never even imagined.

Pick something that is holding you back or something that you could improve in and start there. It could be that you’re undisciplined, the economy not clicking for you, fear, whatever it is get it in your mind.

All of your internal paths that show up in one aspect of your life will occur in all aspects. Shift the way you do things in that one aspect and a paradigm shift will occur. In all life there are forces positive and negative, the same is true in all individuals. In nature these forces must be kept in balance, as a higher being, we have the control within us as to the quantities of positive forces and negative forces we allow in our selves.

The negative force we will call “FEAR”, the positive force we will call the “INTUITIVE”. Within any given moment we are actively engaging life from one side or the other. Since any negative expression that shows up within us is an aspect of fear, to change that aspect, we must first identify it and become aware of it.

Envision yourself stripped of both the positive and negative and set them outside of your body. Put “Intuitive” behind you, because we usually never see it. It’s kind of like “The Force”.

Now, put your goal in front of you in the distance. Your goal could be an aspect of your business you want to improve upon, it could be a relationship in your life that you are trying to set straight. Between you and your goal, add all of the roadblocks that are preventing you from attaining that goal.

Are they “fear of success”,” fear of commitment”, “procrastination”???

What ever they are, line them up between you and your goal. It’s kind of difficult to even see the goal with all those roadblocks in the way. Now, name the things you see that are standing in your way and name the emotion behind them.

We are now going to gather up all of those emotions which are driving the roadblocks that are standing between you and your business/relationship. Pretend you have a backpack and each of those emotions is a brick in that backpack. You are carrying that backpack with your bricks every part of your day. How long do you think it will be before you want to take that backpack off? If it were a physical backpack, you would be taking it off right away. But it’s not, so we just keep carrying it around, some people are even proud of how heavy their backpack is.

They want to tell everybody.

When people talk about developing themselves, they normally work from the fear driven side, they try to knock down all the roadblocks standing between them and their goals. This is the hard way, as soon as you start knocking one down, another one pops up. This is why most people are never able to overcome a roadblock. They just give up. As an example; if you have a fear of using the phone, you just keep forcing yourself to use the phone, you will usually give up before you overcome the fear. People never think about elevating themselves by using their intuitive self to overcome the roadblock. When we create a problem from a certain aspect of consciousness and we do not elevate ourselves beyond the level of that consciousness in which it was created, we have no hope of finding the solution.

hugebackpack Drop Your Bag Of Bricks And Pick Up Your MLM VisionIf you are carrying so many bricks around in your backpack how effective can you be? If you don’t learn to dial yourself into your intuitive self then you will not succeed. What you practice, what you hone, is who you become. The way you do some things is the way you do all things.

When things start happening in your body and your emotions, an internal pattern is triggered from the outside world. This pattern dwells inside all of the time. If we start to accept the way we act, the way we feel, the things we do in our life we start to realize that it isn’t created by the outward things, but by you and that realization gives you the ability to change it. If you can become aware of this, you can practice honing your internal capacity and your life will change.

Start with one aspect. Fear, nervousness, overanalyzing, etc. Just work with the one over and over again and the others will begin to disappear.

Whatever you chose, get in touch with this expression, really get yourself around it, and you will begin to feel things. You can direct your emotional expression with your mind and break the patterns that lock you into failure.

Visualize and focus on your center, 3 inches below the bellybutton. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause. Don’t try to fight the noises just accept it all. From that space bring your attention back to those things that are blocking you in your life. Simply be aware of them. If you’re in a state of peacefulness, a transcendental state of being: you will begin noticing that the universe is flowing with you and the fear that was blocking you from your business/relationship is decreasing. If you do this consistently, every night and every day you will find it easier to overcome other fears in your life. When you connect with your center you can operate from your intuitive self.

This technique is simple and because it is simple most people will not see the power that it has. Simple things are easy not to do, but if you will use this technique, I promise that your life will change for the better and you will become the person you visualize yourself to be.