crackthecode “Cracking the Code” To Success Within Network Marketing“Cracking the Code” To Success Within Network Marketing

Finally, someone is “Cracking the Code” to success within Network Marketing, so listen and take notes.

This is the real deal from someone who has proven the strategy over and over again. She succeeded in a man’s world, before women were as prevalent in MLM and she did it with no up-line.

So to all the cry-babies out there who complain, “My sponsor isn’t helping me” or “I can’t find someone to 3-way with”…


success ladder “Cracking the Code” To Success Within Network MarketingPaula Pritchard was the first woman in North America to achieve Diamond in Amway by herself, without a man in her life. In the last 4 years she joined a new company and has since earned over 3 million dollars. When she started out, it was only a few weeks before her sponsor quit, then his sponsor quit. She ended up working with someone 5 levels up from her.

She climbed the ladder to get to where she is but it wasn’t easy. Most people just don’t want to work that hard. When Paula started there was no internet. Long distant telephone calls were very expensive. She made it work without all the cool toys we have today. “No iPhone, Oh my gosh”, how did she survive, much less make millions of dollars. But just to prove she could start from scratch and do it “the modern way” she has made millions with her new company.

So, as promised, what is the secret to “Cracking the Code”? What makes it so difficult to be successful in this business? Well you lucky devils, we have it all laid out for you.

1. You need to understand the business you’re in. You’re in the distribution business. No matter what company you work for, you have a product and an opportunity. Your goal is to create multiple outlets with your product and opportunity. If you do this you’ll make fortunes.

2. Most people want to keep you in mediocrity. Figure out whose opinion really matters to you.

3. This is not a hobby it is a serious business. Treat it as such.


There’s only 2 ways to make money, showing the business and showing the product.

Whether you sign someone up is irrelevant. Get attached to the process, not the results. Understand no and yes aren’t equal. If you think about it as you’re making $10 for every person you talk to instead of $100 on the tenth person, you’ll begin to see that every time you show the business you make money. If you’re fearful of speaking to people then put on a psychological suit of armor. Numbers are a requirement. Understand the numbers and push through those numbers. The highest paid skills are recruiting and promoting. Some of the top earners are not the best trainers or presenters. They are masters of the invitation.

So how do you go about becoming one of these top earners, and recruiting people?

Posture – If you don’t carry yourself in such a way that others see you as the authority, start to. Even if you don’t feel that you are that person yet, become the best actor there is and feel it so deep inside that you become the person you were pretending to be. Internalize your goals – How is it going to feel when you get the keys to the new house and tell
the kids to go pick their own room? How does it feel to be on that cruise? Vision – It is all about vision. If you have a big vision you’ll tell a big story, but if you have a little vision you’ll tell a little story.

Provide solutions – The older generation is holding their jobs longer, which means the younger generation can’t move up into those positions and they have to find other solutions. You can provide the answers their looking for.
Listen to people – When people tell you what their hopes and dreams are, offer them a way to get what they want.
Discipline – This can be your greatest ally. Make the calls even when you don’t feel like making them. Dedicate certain hours, every day, to making the calls and don’t stop until you have spoken to 5 to 10 people a day.
Qualify people – Only 50% of people are hard-wired to be entrepreneurs. If you don’t qualify people you may end up with a lot of people that aren’t really a fit for your team. You don’t want to become a baby sitter, only bring people on your team that are worthy to work with you. Remember this is your business, if you had a store, world you hire just anyone to run your cash register.

How you invite someone to see the business is their first training.

If you’re attacking them, if you have to coach and convince them they won’t want to do it. They may even like your product and opportunity but in the back of their mind will wonder “If your opportunity is so great why do you have to sell me on it?

In the follow-up you’re trying to move toward the close. Simply ask them: “What more information do you need to make a decision?

confidence “Cracking the Code” To Success Within Network MarketingAs you build your team you have to remember to keep in contact with them. Success is not how many times you’re on stage; it’s how often your people are on stage.

There will be times when you are disappointed and want to quit. If you don’t have those times you aren’t working hard enough. You may not understand the disappointments and pain you are going through until you get to the end, and then you understand what the real reason was.

There is within you everything you need to be successful. Everything. You just have to reach in and pull it out.

Next time we will talk about the common denominators of Mega-earners with Diane Hochman. Learn what the key points you must know to succeed are, and how you can acquire these skills.