roy1 Why I Chose Network MarketingWhy I Chose Network Marketing

Let me properly introduce myself, my name is Roy Harris and I currently live in the Great Northwest, just outside of Kirkland Washington.

I went to college at Wichita State University and then went on to get a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University.

I have the greatest jobs in the world. I have worked at Boeing since 1978 as a Flight Test Engineer, I get to test the flights of the new aircraft, like the first flight of the Boeing 787 in the video below:

Although I do have the greatest job in the world, I am still an employee and I am still trading time for money. I spend more time traveling from place to place for my job/career than I do in my own home. I spend as much time riding in airplanes as I do flying them.

So when I started to look toward the horizon I asked myself where it was I wanted to go and what I could do to retire earlier and get back my time. When I Joined Network Marketing, it wasn’t just for the money (being a test pilot pays well), it was really for the Freedom.

I am seriously motivated to create this freedom and to be able to plan my early retirement, and I know the only way to do it is to help as many as I can to also obtain the success the desire.

Before I even understood my comp plan, knew anything about the product or who the leaders in the company were,  I was on the phone calling 100’s of professionals and any personal contacts I knew who might see what I saw in the opportunity I had gotten my hands on.

If you are a motivated individual and are ready to take massive action (just like I did), then please do not hesitate to Contact Me …. Right Now!