break free Breaking The MLM Failure CycleBreaking The MLM Failure Cycle

Number 12 in our countdown of speakers from the “No Excuses Summit II” is Andrew Cass. He is the King of Productivity. For the last two years he has been the top salesperson in his primary opportunity. Now you can learn the secrets from the King himself.

Our problem today is not more information; our problem today is too much information.

No matter what you learn or who you follow, you must learn the secrets of productivity or you will never be as successful as you could be. All the secrets will be revealed here in this blog. All you have to do is implement them.

Will you do it? I challenge you. Make this a priority today.

Are you treating your business like a hobby?

Think hard on this question. If you were looking for an employee to work in your business, would you hire you? Be honest. If you didn’t give yourself a resounding yes, what thoughts crossed your mind? We all have the same 24 hours. How are you using yours? Why are some people successful and you’re not?

be your own boss Breaking The MLM Failure CycleMost people love the thought of being their own boss. Just the thought makes them smile as they think of all the wonderful perks that go with it. Never having to go into the office and do what someone else tells you again, freedom to work when you want, etc. The problem is they don’t act like they are their own boss. They act like it’s a hobby.

How is it we have more technology, tools, and resources to make us more productive than ever before, yet we are less productive than ever before and many are even broke as a result?

Think about this? Do you get distracted by email, Facebook, or the phone? Our cool new phones do everything now days; even distracting us from our real business. Do you feel overwhelmed with all the information? Last week it was PPC, today its social media ads, tomorrow its mobile marketing. How can you possibly keep up? In fact you are so overwhelmed that you just run down to Starbucks and grab a latte and read your email. Every single reason for our lack of productivity can be traced to three primary items:

1. Distraction.
2. Overwhelm
3. Procrastination

downward spiral Breaking The MLM Failure CycleWhen these three take place we go into a vicious downward spiral. If we are ever to succeed we must “Break this Cycle”.

We all have personal strengths. Most of us are not working in our productivity strength zone, which means we’re not working to our full capacity, and that means we’re leaving so much of our potential on the table. Unless you’re ready to have a productivity plan in your life, all of the marketing advice, training, and coaching will only sit on a shelf or in your inbox and collect dust.

Productivity is all about behavior and behavior starts in your mind. People think about things, then talk about them, then act. If you change the way you speak not only aloud but in your mind as well, it will lead you to big changes in behavior. Don’t use words like I’ll try, I hope, and I’ll give it a shot. These are words of failure. Even Yoda said: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

There are many ways to increase productivity but each requires you to internalize it. At the end of each point read the sentence in bold and internalize it.

1. You cannot manage time; you can only manage yourself in time. – We all have the same amount of time. So many people try to win the battle against the clock but the real battle is within. Once you get that you realize it’s about your behavior and not about how much time there is. Managing time is a myth.

I will break free from the time management myth.

2. You have to do your revenue producing activities first. – If you start your day with you highest leveraged, most important things, your entire day will be strengthened. Write down your top 3 revenue producing activities. Get pen to paper. Email is a big distraction. If you let yourself become an email junkie it will ruin your productivity.

I will not check or respond to email, voicemail, or instant messages
until my revenue producing activities are done first.

3. Tracking – You can’t change or improve what you don’t track and you can’t cheat with what you track. Get a personal productivity journal. Track your revenue producing activities. At the end of a week you’ll know where you fell short and where you did well.

I will track my revenue producing activities.

4. Reward system – You need to celebrate your victories. Reward yourself.

I will set up a reward system for myself.

5. Physical fitness increases productivity – Consistent physical fitness will dramatically improve your productivity. Daily morning exercise will actually add an extra 30 minutes to your productivity day because your thoughts are clearer and you are not as sluggish later on in the day; so you can’t say you don’t have time for excersice. If a person neglects their body they’re neglecting other things as well.

I will have some sort of a physical fitness program throughout the week.

6. Your environment – If you have a cluttered workspace you will have a cluttered mind. Many of us do everything in a day in the same environment. When you do this you go back and forth between personal and business. Find a place to do things where you’re focused.

I will have a clutter free environment.

7. Batching – Take all those annoying personal activities and put them together to do them at one time. If you do this you can pick up about 10 hours a week.

I will batch my personal activities to gain time throughout the week.

8. Schedule distractions – Give yourself a set time throughout the day that you can handle the distractions that are bound to come your way.

I will schedule distractions versus allowing them to come in day in and day out.

9. Self-imposed Deadlines – Bring other people into the mix. They count on you to have things done which makes you more likely to get them done.

I will have self-imposed deadlines because goals are dreams with deadlines.

10. Association – Your income is normally determined by the top 5 people you hang out with. If you hang around with the right people they will make you more productive. They will make you more motivated and you’ll be able to work in a better way because you’ll feel encouraged and supported.

I will associate with winners.

You can’t change or improve what you’re not aware of. When you start to be aware you start to find your productivity strength zone. You end up working smarter, performing better, and making way more money.

These changes aren’t easy. Most people aren’t willing to go through all of this because it’s uncomfortable. Successful people are willing to do what others aren’t. Your success is determined by your daily agenda.

Next time we will talk about the 4 pillars to endless leads and profits online with Norbert Orlewicz. Learn to become a leader online from your own computer.