questions When To Approach Your Warm Market: Before Or After Your MLM Success?When To Approach Your Warm Market:
Before Or After Your MLM Success?

Think about this scenario:

You’ve established a strong MLM business by building online and as your lifestyle begins to change your friends and family notice and ask what you are doing. However, because of your insecurities and prejudgement of what they would say about your MLM, you never told them about it. And now they are insulted and hurt that you didn’t talk to them about what you are doing.

Part of being involved in an MLM is to help others have success and fulfill the dreams that they have for their personal lives. MLM isn’t the dream itself; it’s the possibilities that it brings.

Who better to share that with than the people you love and care about?

Except everyone is always shy and slow to call the people that are closest to them. And the #1 reason is because they weren’t taught how to talk to their warm market properly. So instead of gaining the support of their warm market, they end up alienating them.

In my last post “How To Sponsor 1 Rep Per Hour To Your Primary MLM Business” I laid out how to sponsor someone that you’ve just met. This post is going to tell you how to talk to the people you already know.

Step 1 – Get rid of any hope or notion that you are going to sponsor your brother or your aunt and that they will have massive success and make you rich. In fact, get rid of the thought of sponsoring your warm market all together. Because that is not your purpose for contacting them.

Step 2 – Choose 5-15 of your closest friends and/or family members. This is the people that you would call at 1 am when your car breaks down and they will come and help you even if they had to go to work in the morning.

Step 3 – You’re going to ask them for help. And you’re going to MEAN it.

Hi Tom, this is Roy, I just got started in a Network Marketing company and the timing looks right, but there’s some things I need to learn how to do before I get going in this business. You’ve always been there when I needed help, could you sit down with me for about 20 minutes and let me practice this presentation and throw some really hard questions about it at me?

help When To Approach Your Warm Market: Before Or After Your MLM Success?When you’re calling someone that has always been there for you, how are they going to say no to helping you now?

And who would you rather have throwing tough questions at you,,, a total stranger that you met online? Or someone that loves and cares about you and supports you?

If they see value in what you are doing and they want to join, cool. If not then at least they know what you are doing. You don’t feel like you’re hiding it. And they’re not going to be mad at you later for not sharing.

After you’ve gone through and practiced talking about your MLM business with those who care about you the most and they’ve given you feedback and you’re comfortable talking about your business, it’s time to talk to the rest of the people you know.

And don’t prejudge any of them. You never know what circumstances may have recently changed in their life that might have them open to joining an MLM.

Here’s a simple thing to say that isn’t pushy:

This may or may not be for you, but I just got involved in a network marketing company. The timing looks right and I’m going to run with it. If you’re interested I can give you a link with a video about it, if not, no big deal.

There’s absolutely NO PRESSURE within that phone call. For when and how to call them after they’ve watched the video Click Here and you can use the same questions and followup described in my last post.

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