confident woman 7 Things MLM Top Producers Are Doing That Youre Not7 Things MLM Top Producers Are Doing That You’re Not

60 pounds overweight and $40,000 in credit card debt; can you relate?

In 1999 Diane Hochman was there when her cousin came to a family party and said “Let’s make money and lose weight” and she said “Okay.”

Losing weight and making money were not the true driving force that brought about the desire to follow her cousin. Just like the rest of us, she had to find her real “WHY”.

driving force 7 Things MLM Top Producers Are Doing That Youre NotWhat is your true driving force?

If you tell yourself it’s just to make money, you will never be successful because that will only get you to the first hurdle. Then you will stop. You’ve probably been at that point several times. Until you have a “WHY” stronger than the roadblocks that will be put in your way, you can never succeed.

Diane’s true driving force was her children. It broke her heart to go to work every day and not be near her kids if something happened. So when she was able to get into network marketing and become a stay at home mom it meant everything to her. Her children grew up in this industry, listening to people such as Jim Rohn. There’s nothing like having your child tell you “Don’t ask for it to be easier, ask for you to be better.” She found a mentor, learned some new philosophies and learned how to think.

Learning how to think for your self is one of the key elements to success.

You can learn all the techniques you want, but until you can think for yourself it won’t be as profitable as it could be. Technology always changes. You can’t keep up with it. One thing will never change though, hasn’t changed since the beginning of time: Human nature.

success door 7 Things MLM Top Producers Are Doing That Youre NotHow many of you feel that things are chaos, that success is hidden just over the horizon or just behind that locked door? There is a hidden order to everything. If you could just learn that hidden order you could unlock the vault. We are going to share the key to the vault with you right now, so you might want to take some notes.

Look for common denominators of mega earners. Every single one of these successful people have things in common. If you can see the hidden order you can figure out the game.

1. Every single one of these people is an incredible, remarkable storyteller. If you can’t tell a story that engages a person you shouldn’t be worried about anything else. Practice telling stories even if it’s to your dog.
2. Collect, capture, communicate and close – If you are talking to people and not getting their identity you are wasting your time.
3. Do not beg people for their money, beg them for their time. You don’t need a big list of people if they know, like, and trust you. Build a list.
4. You have to learn how to present your opportunity massively. When there’s a launch on the internet they are mass presenting. You can’t keep up with attrition. You will lose people, but if you present in mass there will be people to replace them.
5. Be the master of mass psychology.
6. You must be able to write or speak well – Learn to write copy. This will give you a huge advantage.
peacock 7 Things MLM Top Producers Are Doing That Youre Not7. Peacocking – Your job is to peacock so the right people will be attracted to you. How you walk talk, look, etc. Start talking like you know where you’re going. Start going, not guessing. There’s a pecking order, and a way to move that makes people see you as the go to person.

These are the hidden order. When you have opportunities to ask questions of great mentors, be very smart about your questions. Ask these people: What were you thinking when… How did you approach…? Be specific on your situation and ask them how they’d think if they were you. You can take the next 5-10 years to figure it out yourself or you can find a mentor and acquire their mindset in 6 months to a year.

What you want sits in the experience of someone else.

This is an industry that dreams are made of. This industry can take you to the promise land, but to do so you need to remember it’s not in the doing, it’s the being that paves the way. And as Diane says, “She did it her way”.

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