Tribe Marketing – There is Power in Community

tribes Tribe Marketing Secrets Made PublicTraditionally, tribe marketing has meant promoting products and services within a particular social group – like promoting only to stay at home moms or to disabled veterans. The idea has been to increase results by making your marketing fit inside a tribal community better by speaking the same language if you will. But online tribe marketing means something totally different. Here’s a short list of benfefits.

* Instant Back links from Authority Sites
* Instant Facebook Likes and Shares
* Instant Retweets to Thousands
* Blog Commenting Collaboration
* Higher Web Page Ranking on Search Websites
* More Targetted, Peer-Referred Traffic
* More Leads, Sales and Connections

A Deeper Look at Tribe Marketing

blogvisitors Tribe Marketing Secrets Made PublicIt’s of no significance if your business is offline or internet-based, the aim of every business seeking to earn a profit is to gain better targeted exposure for their products and services in order to make a bigger number of sales. Lessen costs and increase profits.

Internet traffic generation can be done any amount of tactics. You can publicize both online and offline.

You can take part as an expert in forums and other internet communities.

You can blog, comment on blogs, host webinars, tweet and even manage a Facebook Fan Page or a live-streaming video show. Organic search engine ranking is also very powerful.

Today, thanks largely to fresh technological advances online, you are now able to embrace tribe marketing and literally team up with dozens, hundreds, even thousands of other web-based marketers to help lessen advertising costs and significantly raise your exposure online through social media syndication.

Welcome to the glorious arena of tribe marketing!

Automated Social Media Marketing on Steroids

The sorcery driving the tribe marketing idea is one of group cooperation. You shared and promote each member’s content as published and, in turn, they share your marketing messages when you publish. The content is distributed instantly thru varied social bookmarketing sites, micro-blogs, blog commenting, Facebook and Twitter. is one of the better tools you can use to milk this idea for several years to come.

So how, precisely, do you benefit?

searchengines1 Tribe Marketing Secrets Made PublicBacklinks are what cause web page, blog entries and videos to rank on the front of page of the top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Tribe marketing is set up to mechanically distributor your content to each tribe member’s social media sites. This causes a massive in-flow of back links from all parts of the world which is very , very powerful.

As other tribe members share your content to their personal networks, you get the benefit of an implied endorsement.

This may mean more direct traffic, leads and less complicated sales.

Creating a reciprocal marketing arrangement through the tribe marketing concept can open the doors to other JVs, marketing deals and potential partnerships.

Tribe Marketing on the Fast Track

Currently there are only a few of proven, time-test tribe marketing systems available.

tribe Tribe Marketing Secrets Made PublicYou can form your own tribe by making a new forum, BuddyPress site or other social media site and invite people to participate.

This will need some primary coding and marketing on your part as the administrator, you can create your own rules of collaboration and syndication.

Venture on over to and join up to their free service. Get involved. Join a tribe and syndicate a few pieces of content. Later you will want to go up to the enjoy the benefits of huge auto-syndication but you can hold off until you get a better idea the way in which the entire process works. It’ll take some time for a new tribe to begin actively pushing your content but when they do, watch out! This is an exceedingly dynamic marketing process that works.

Even with using Tribe Marketing your blog needs to be fully optimized for generating leads and sales, otherwise the traffic is pointless! Get a blog that is already optimized for both and also learn how to generate leads on your own within Empower Network. Click Here and take action to build your business!

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