150 Multi Level Marketing Home Business Opportunities in Canada

canada1 300x150 150 Multi Level Marketing Home Business Opportunities in CanadaThere are many stable, well-known MLM business opportunities operating in Canada. Here are a few resources to help you find them.

A major hurdle to locating a mlm company doing business in Canada stems from the lack of a central listing of these companies. Most MLMs operating the United States are also open for business in Canada.

It should be a simple matter to locate a comprehensive directory listing of all companies open for business in Canada but, alas, no such luck. So if you want to be thorough you will have to spend a bit of time. Here are a few online resources to help you get started.

MLM Canada – www.the-cma.org

canada2 150 Multi Level Marketing Home Business Opportunities in CanadaThe CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) compiled information from thirty-eight different sources to compile the 2011 version of the “Marketing Facts”. This massive “sneak peek” into the direct selling industry could be worth it’s weight in gold to the right company or individual.

If you are analytical by nature, you will absolutely love the Marketing Facts 2011 report. Marketing Facts 2011 takes a look at the entire pie and offers a keen insight to how the marketing share is divided by industry, product, services and price.

MLM Companies in Canada – Hosted Parties

canada3 150 Multi Level Marketing Home Business Opportunities in CanadaA private site, Directsellingopportunites.com, offers links to a few distributors actively promoting MLM Canada home party plans. Interested in advertising? This site also offer you that opportunity as well, but check traffic stats first to determine if it is worth the investment.

Think Avon for skincare and jewelry, Mary Kay for skin care and cosmetics, and Heritage Makers for scrapebooking kits, tools and supplies. These MLM Canada companies represent the best know “home party plan” names within the industry. There are dozens more.

Best MLM Canada – the Direct Sellers Associattion

The Canadian Direct Sellers Association (DSA) offers the most comprehensive directory of MLM Canada companies available. It’s a great starting point offering direct links to over 75 MLM companies in Canada.

Unlike the CMA, the DSA offers industry specific news, statistics and links to various resources absolutely free to non-members and even more in depth information to members.

Canadian-Based MLM – Building a Real Business Easy

You have completed your research and have picked a MLM company in Canada to represent. So what is your next move? To put the odds in your favor, make it a point to master the art and science of marketing.

Bottom line.

Want to enjoy great success in your new business? Think marketing. Sleep marketing. Focus on marketing. Because if you ask any top income earner within this industry you will discover that is EXACTLY what they do and what they focus on.

canada4 150 Multi Level Marketing Home Business Opportunities in CanadaYour circle of influence is the best place to begin promoting your new business. Hold a grand opening. Call. Send cards. Make an announcement. But what do you do once you exhaust your warm market?

Do you know of any other viable marketing options available to you? Do you have an advertising and marketing budget?

You may want to seriously consider investigating the power of attraction marketing and adding that to your marketing arsenal. In most cases, attraction marketing is considered a low-budget routine but it can produce big budget results. But don’t let the tiny price tag fool you. You get a lot of bang for the buck. Best of all, attraction marketing is the easiest way to get your new business in front of new prospects on a regular basis over an extended period of time.

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